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Investigate Mueller

Josh Campbell — the baby bird kicked out of the nest — was the CNN reporter outside Roger Stone’s home when the FBI sent in the third cavalry in a predawn raid to arrest the unarmed and unthreatening Stone. Campbell used to work for….wait for it…the FBI, and was the assistant to….wait for it….James Comey. (Fact Check: TRUE)

Campbell was obviously tipped off by Mueller or one of Mueller’s underlings. The shitlib media universe has been acting as a field agent for the rogue FBI. The Chaimstream Media and the Deep State are partners in crime, collaborators in a, so far, bloodless coup.

Mueller’s thuggery is revenge for comey and thecunt. That’s all this Russia Hoax is, and all it has ever been about.

Mueller’s mobsters include CIA, FBI, and DOJ seditionists from both the gaymulatto administration and thecunt clan.

Mueller and Wray are orchestrating a slow coup to take down a duly-elected president.

We should be discussing treason trials, not amnesty for third world trash that makes Javanka’s eyes well up with nation-wrecking bathos.


In a secular age it’s difficult to define absolute evil, but I think we’ve found a concrete example in the Sackler family. The fewer meaningful contacts wealthy individuals and groups have with the broader citizen body, the greater their capacity for evil.

— Second City Bureaucrat (@CityBureaucrat) January 27, 2019

Urbanized shitlibs in general have fewer meaningful contacts with the broader citizen body, and cosmopolitan [special people] in particular are about as severed from regular Americans as a group can be.

Bill Maher rhetoric constitutes 90% of the affluent liberal’s politics (he’s problematic on the Islam Question, but that’s because he’s a Jewish chauvinist). The other 10% is handled by an NPR/NYT/Patreon Brahmin caste that tortures data to fit the empirical world to the rhetoric https://t.co/F4M8ytC3jZ

— Second City Bureaucrat (@CityBureaucrat) January 26, 2019

TeeVee has become a wasteland of regurgitated shitlibboleths.


Our future, if we don’t change course.


The future of shitlib media.

From Z-Man, “The God of Fired Media”:


Have we returned to a feudal system?


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