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Aquinas notes,

Globohomo is shilling Kamala Harris as hard as they can.

Trump will be the last authentic presidential candidate of the historical America era, until nonwhites are demographically powerful enough to elect one Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho after another (but by that time America will be a nation in name only, having transmogrified into a District 9 outpost).

The Left will never admit it but they are so fucking pissed that they didn’t have a Trump of their own (obama was a diversity shell entity wholly coopted by Globohomo). In their desperation to capture Trumpian lightning in a bottle for themselves, every effort the Left makes to identify and mentor a Trump-like figure for their side will come across try-hard and insincere (see: komodo harris).

This is why the left hates Trump so much and spends every day trying to destroy him: they are really trying to destroy the source of their seething envy.


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