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Roger Stone, a political operative and former Trump campaign associate, was arrested in a pre-dawn raid by a battalion of FBI agents wielding automatic weapons, because Stone was a dangerous threat as evidenced by the cheesy process crimes he is charged with committing. Fake News CNN was there to film it, obviously tipped off by the FBI. I’ve no doubt Mueller himself directed a subordinate to tell CNN about the raid, because this piece of shit wanted his handiwork broadcast live and in color, as a message to those who thwarted the ascension of his Queen Hillary to the throne. He’s Still With Her.

29 agents, 14 vehicles. “Terrorized family, pointed automatic weapons at me

All this for an old man who posed a threat to no one and may have fibbed about the exact date he asked a radio host about a WikiLeaks dump.

I used to have some reverence for the FBI. Not anymore. They’ve become the Gestapo we were all warned about as kids. This Stone raid was a blatant intimidation tactic to strike fear into anyone left in Trump’s orbit who might remain loyal to him.

Mueller and the rest of the Deep State are Hillary friends, Hillary associates, Hillary lackeys, and Hillary protectors. Mueller’s Mobsters are Hillary’s Gaytorian Guard. They serve at the pleasure of the Cunt Queen, and their “justice” is nothing less than political vengeance. There is no rule of law left in America; there is only rule, with the law shifting to accommodate favored groups and punish disfavored groups.

The law that the FBI follows and enforces now resembles the TOS selectively enforced by Twatter shitlibs:

#Hillary case: lawyers allowed to destroy documents & servers. #Trump case: lawyers offices raided.#Hillary case: no search warrants for homes or offices.#Trump case: pre-dawn raids of old folks homes. #Hillary case: free immunity for life#Trump case: swat arrests live @CNN

— Robert Barnes (@Barnes_Law) January 25, 2019

Why is Wray still head of the FBI? He had to sign off on Mueller’s circus acts. When will Trump fire these fifth column seditionists? Why is Trump’s DOJ allowing this rogue FBI to continue operating as it pleases?

In other Deep State news…

Exculpatory evidence about Mike Flynn was kept secret by the intel community, including by the Pentagon which stonewalled requests by the Republican committee chairmen.

The Most Successful Coverup.

Since Watergate, the Washington wisdom has always held that it’s not the crime, it’s the coverup that sinks a politician. But that’s only the case when the coverup fails.

But what if the coverup succeeds?

It’s horribly simple. The crimes are never uncovered and the perpetrators are never brought to justice no matter how serious their crimes may be. That is precisely what has happened because of the FBI and Justice Department’s coverup of their abuses of power and illegal actions during the 2016 election.

In this case, the FBI and the Justice Department have succeeded in the most significant coverup in American political history. The abuses of power and crimes they have succeeded in covering up are not only against the law: they are crimes against our system of law and government. They were perpetrated by employees of the government, under color of law, with the intention of affecting the outcome of an election.

New documents suggest the Steele dossier was a deliberate setup of Trump.

While the allegations from the July 19 memo regarding the Page-Sechin meeting are included in all four FISA applications, the dossier’s allegations of Page’s crime are apparent in neither the original nor the three renewals. Either the warrants failed for some reason to include sensational allegations of a potential crime in connection with the clandestine intelligence activities of a FISA target, or the allegations are redacted. Perhaps that was to conceal evidence that Steele’s October 18 memo secured the FISA three days later.

The rapid turnaround is not typical, says Judicial Watch’s Farrell. “An act of espionage may not be reportable for years. By its nature, you’re talking about clandestine activity, so you may not find out about it until long after it’s happened. Here the operational activity is identified almost immediately. And then it’s followed by a warrant. It suggests that the scenario may have been directed by the FBI.”

Joseph Misfud. Keep that name in mind. He’s the FBI-CIA-DOJ plant sent to entrap Trump associates into false allegations of Russia collusion.

One question that congress has failed to force those responsible to answer:
Which western intelligence agency was Joseph Mifsud working for? That answer will force a halt to this entire dark chapter in American history.

— George Papadopoulos (@GeorgePapa19) December 30, 2018

Gaymulatto has his delicate fingers all over this silent coup. Emails reveal Obama Admin’s push to create Russia scandal hours before Trump’s inauguration.

Newly released emails show the Obama administration scrambling to create the “Russia” scandal within 24 hours of President Donald Trump taking the oath of office in January 2017. The desperation of the Obama administration is evident in the emails, in which the Obama team tries to involve Democratic senators Warner and Cardin and Republican senator Corker in the plot.

Close observers know that the Operation Crossfire Hurricane strategy surfaced during the 2016 presidential election and continued well into Trump’s presidency, with General Michael Flynn getting snared in a Peter Strzok/Sally Yates ambush play in the early days of the Trump White House. Now, Team Obama’s documented effort to cook up the Russia story before Trump’s inauguration emboldens a narrative already proved by text messages (presented below) involving Obama official James Clapper: the Obama people actually thought they could stop Trump from getting sworn in.


[James] Clapper discussed blocking the inauguration on the grounds that Trump was an illegitimate president due to alleged Russian interference in the election, according to the sources. It is not known whether Clapper ever actually convened a meeting with a Supreme Court justice to discuss the Russia case, or whether he simply discussed the idea of doing so. By the time Trump entered office on January 20, the Russia narrative was already underway.

A high-level member of the intelligence community who witnessed the meeting said that Clapper discussed going to one of three female Supreme Court justices to make the case that alleged Russian interference could invalidate Trump’s claim to the presidency.

They’re just flaunting their sedition in our faces now.


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