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In case you haven’t heard, the Great Media Purge of 2019 commenced this week.

PuffedHo laid off 15% of its propaganda team, most of them women.

Do you remember PuffHo? They’re the digital media cistern which gave us this, after Steve Bannon was fired:

Take a moment to retinally breathe that in, because the wails of poverty from recently fired PuffedHobags will lift your spirit into the stratosphere.

“talented and lovely” = talentless and ugly.

“literal PhD in romantic comedies”. LMAO. 90% of women in the workforce are dead weight.

Don’t call us, we’ll call you…..to laugh in your face!

One might say….aborted!

A culture/gender/politics reporter….I bet she brings a unique perspective! HARD PASS

Journowhores losing their jobs en masse?


How many of these laid-off globalist girl tweets are there? I think i’m falling in love with the feeling. Science will now have data to determine if prolonged jizzing uninterrupted by a refractory period is possible in those under the influence of acute schadenfreude.

backpage shutting down right before the buzzfeed layoffs really is a 1-2 punch

— tantum (@QuasLacrimas) January 24, 2019

Here come the desperate unemployment line camwhores! Sadly, this isn’t an attractive bunch. We can all do without the deluge of softcore pics from starving, ex-journowhores soaking thirsty soyboys for ramen noodle money.

G.V. suggests,

A mockup of the PuffHo front page with lay-off tweets prominently displayed around the text ‘GOY: “BYE”‘

I love the cut of that shiv.

Cornelius Rye dishes,

On this morning’s Fash the Nation, McFeels and Halberstram predict the end of National Review this year

rumors are going around that they really pissed off the last of their supporters/small donors with the Covington debacle

huge if true

My erection can only get so big.

A reminder that the media is shitty and in bed with Big Tech, licking the digital taint:

A longtime tech exec emailed me: “You guys are the lifeblood of Twitter right now. A huge part of Twitter’s current value is journalists creating content for the site.” https://t.co/Bbv8qM2gKv

— Brian Stelter (@brianstelter) January 24, 2019

From MPC Status Updates,

the tech exec on his boat calling the journo in his rat-infested apartment “You guys are our everything”

Pman on media woes,

PMAN in CHANPOASTING format on the loss of media jobs:

> it’s true that google and facebook are gobbling up all the ad revenue, although craigslist started it years ago

> lots of newspapers got ruined by loss of classifieds

> none of these self-styled “digital journalists” cared about any of that stuff

> only now that they are losing their jobs are they having tantrums about it

> in fact, most of them were quite chipper as older reporters got retired early, finally they could replace those white men

when in reality it was just them moving up in the line to the wood chipper

An anon channer explains how modren media works: they take the “moral” low ground:

There is not enough misfortune that could befall lying, malevolent media propagandists which would satisfy my bloodlust.



Commenter P.K. Griswold,

Whole bunch of beta-exes just got a random text.

Back to that ol’ dependable well for the roadworn shrews. It’s gonna be funny when betaboys sack up and stop making honest women of these slatterns.


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