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As always with shitlibs, male or female (but especially the female), it’s psychological projection from here to eternity.


Comment from Angry White Old and Privileged,

She cannot get this kid off of her mind because that smirk, that posture, and that defiance in the face of a weak man using his “indigenous” genetics to bully and intimidate… Well, it gets her going and makes her think, “Why can’t I get with a man who is as strong as this teenager instead of these milk toast soyboys?!”

Then, like many on her side of the ideological spectrum, both male and female, she begins to wonder, “Is it really so bad to be turned on my this teenager? I mean, he’s a young adult, after all, and age /is/ just a number, right?” As she secretly considers she should have become a teacher.


She saw the handsome guy from high school who didn’t ask her out in that smirk.

So true.

Valenti’s epic RBF is what happens to a woman who has imbibed a lifetime of shrill feminist cuntery, bittersweet pump and dumps, weak unconfident attention from periphery beta males, and finally marriage to a wrist-flapping soyboy with the right credentials but zero charm.


Commenter Pbar divulges Valenti’s courtship which landed her the Hubby Soy,

From an NYT article about JV’s first date with future husband; ‘Here also was a woman that he found impossible to say “no” to — as he learned that night when she insisted he try the ceviche. “I soldiered on,” said Mr. Golis, who has always detested “fishy fish.”…he held up his end of the conversation as the ceviche soured his stomach to the point of nausea.

They shared a cab from the restaurant, but he bolted as soon as they reached the apartment where he was staying, fearing that he might vomit.’

So on their first date, she insists he eat something that he hates. Instead of leaving immediately and meeting his friends at a bar, he does as she says. And spends the rest of the evening trying not to puke. Then he marries her. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Modern Woman and Modern Man.

The sexual polarity in that marriage is inverted, upside-down, and turned inside-out. No wonder Jessica dreams of smirking smirklords.


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