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The smirk that drove leftoids into a frothing homicidal mania:

The smirks that filled leftoids with love and admiration:


The difference in smirks:

Top: amused mastery in the face of an ugly provocation from a sainted POC

Bottom: duper’s delight in the commission of great big lies in service to globohomo


Our American Smirklord has a match in Brazil. Remember him?

This Brazilian shitlord was hounded by a horde of hags, and he responded by whipping his dick out and smirking at them. RESPECT. The amused mastery level is off the charts.


We White people are so powerful we can soulkill with a smirk.


Trump is the subtext to the rage you’re seeing…

Normal Americans know that face is Who We Are. The Damaged are Triggered#SmirkRight pic.twitter.com/FapyOvr3ca

— Bronze Age Pervert (@bronzeagemantis) January 20, 2019


On the subject of disingenuous leftists, it was funny when shitlibs had to pretend that Warren’s awkward beer guzzle and Hillary’s robotic cadence were the totally normal behaviors of cool people.

(what’s with all these democreep hopefuls trying so hard to seem relatable? is blue city bubble living that toxic to humanness? survey says….)



Something changed today. The left openly called for the assassination of a 16 year old boy because he was equipped with a smile. They want to kill a kid who was approached by an aggressive activist and smiled at him. The zeitgeist just shifted. Do you feel it? Long battle ahead.

— Snake Plissken (@MrWyattEarpLA) January 20, 2019


Smirking has long been a part of the PUA’s toolkit.

From commenter Flubber,

CH Many times you have recommended “Amused Mastery” as the appropriate frame.

Just like this kid.. And boy, see the reaction. The shitlibs completely lose their minds. It’s amazing.

Game is amazing.
Game is life.
Game is victory.


Captain John Charity Spring MA,

We are witnessing Anti-Christ.

I know that sounds crazy but that Sandmann kid was Christlike in his grace. These savages would have told Jesus to wipe the smirk off his face as he was crucified.


Captain Obvious,

“I honestly haven’t stopped thinking about that MAGA kid Bill Kristol all day”

– said no women ever



The icing on top is that this was clearly engineered to take place on the Ramadan of SJW holidays- MLK day- yet it backfired and left a trail of tear$.


Dirtnapninja closes this post out with a stirring encomium to our young Smirklord,

You know why [shitlibs and POC] are so unnerved?

White males are supposed to retreat. They are supposed to apologise. They are not supposed to assert themselves against their intersectional idols. The religion of Dinduism demands that low caste white dalits grovel and obey the high caste coloured brahmins. the entire system depends on white retreat.

But this kid didnt. He didnt retreat. He stared calmly at the drum beating toothless hobo and gave a cocky smirk. That smirk terrifies them, because in it they see a premonition of what is to come. The see a time, a few generations from now when every white man is staring down the qu33rs, cat ladies and [special people] that run things. A time when whitey no longer retreats. A time when the skies are bl@ckened with lawyers and the streets are full of white rage.

In one smirk all their fears, insecurities and fragility is laid bare. So SMIRK ON.


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