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Theodora gets the ball rolling with this compilation of recent notorious hate hoaxes — aka blood libels — concocted by the media with the intention of slandering White people, and in particular, White men.

Is it any single big media story in the last decades supporting the Narrative that wasn’t a shameless hoax? And not only a hoax, but the truth is usually exactly the opposite of what they report?

Duke lacrosse players. Hoax
Saint Trayvon. Hoax
Gentle giant Michael Brown. Hoax
UVA fraternity gang rape. Hoax
Emma Sulkowicz the mattress girl. Hoax
Kavanaugh sexual assault. Lol, lame, pathetic hoax
Roy Moore “sexual misconduct”. Again: lol
Covington Catholic: hoax

The sad thing is that no matter how many times the truth will contradict the Narrative, they will spread another blatant falsehood again.

This post will be turned into a page added to the top of the blog. Readers are encouraged to add to the list with more examples of anti-White hate hoax enemy propaganda masquerading as objective media and pushed by degenerate, lying, scumbag leftoid apparatchiks.

We need a reference list to consult when the Drawing of Names Day arrives.


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