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Trump’s Pyrrhic Deal

The beautiful shutdown continues to attrit the managerialist state. I hope it lasts.

Unfortunately, Trump wants to strike a deal (aka make an offer he knows the Dems will refuse) to end the shutdown.

Exactly what I feared a “deal” would entail may transpire: Trump giving Dems wholesale amnesty + “comprehensive immigration reform” for a measly 5bil toward wall construction. Temporary work permits for “dreamers” (aka the sprog of foreign invaders) are on the table, and we all know that means eventual amnesty and citizenship for these freeloaders.

Worse, there’s a report that Jared Kushner and GOPe über-cucks like James Lankford (R-gaypedocuckface) want the “deal” to include green cards for these illegal aliens.


According to a NumbersUSA email I received today, Lindsay Graham is back to his old ways. He met with several other Senate Republicans and Jared Kushner on Wednesday to draw up an Amnesty-for-Wall deal that they will pitch to Senate Democrats today. Also, it says White House officials are telling Graham’s gang that Trump would likely go along with the deal in exchange for border funding.

If you don’t follow NumbersUSA, do so. They have their ears and eyes right there.

Amnesty-for-Wall is a NO GO. We want the whole thing: deportations of illegals, a wall to prevent future mass invasions, and heavy fines and imprisonment of employers caught hiring illegals. Immigration sanity is NON NEGOTIABLE.

I asked the question: Did Trump lose, gain, or tread water with his supporters after his “daca ss numbers-for-wall funding” speech on Saturday?

Reader responses,

He showed magnanimity…. knowing it would be rejected [opponents look churlish] and gave himself time…. so all round win, in my view…


Considering Trump already knew they’d reject the offer, I’d say it doesn’t affect things too much. It was a strategy designed to shame and embarrass Pelosi and crew. Now they’re seen as even more rigid and unreasonable.

But is that strategy working? Pelosi doesn’t seem chastened, and voters still put most of the blame for the shutdown on Trump.

He only lost ground with retards who can’t into politics. Offering a deal you know will never be accepted by your opponent is just a ploy to gain political capital. Slowly but surely he is dragging the Demorats through the mud and painting them into a corner.

This cunt is a genius, the real fun will commence once he gets re-elected and has nothing left to lose.


What he lost was base enthusiasm, which he absolutely needs. How many times do you demoralize your base before they stop caring. And Javanka remains a problem. Trump seems to be under some delusion that once he’s gone all will be forgotten. It won’t with these rabid lefties. They won’t stop until they punish him, and if not him, his family (see the Reese speech/rant scene about the Terminator’s lack of empathy & reason). Baron will bear the brunt of it, and Trump is contributing to that by trying to appear nice & fair with these invaders. Surely Melania knows this? She should make some palace moves to protect her seed. Engineer something that sends Ivanka & Kushner (Honestly , what a f*cking tool) back to NYC. Unfettered by those clowns, and the Goldman Saks contingent, Trump could be the greatest President ever, but for now his chance at that is fading fast. Not black pilling, just the truth.He seems to have lost the energy & zeal, or someone is jerking his chain back after each successful manifestation of his 2016 self. Ex: He does this brilliant FU move to Nancy with the plane thing, his base is jacked, loves it. Then follows that with some Amnesty nonsense that just demoralizes. Same with the stupid & unnecessary comforting of the H1B invaders.


Think tread water for now with a win later. A non-permanent extension would make it a campaign issue for the electorate to decide in 2020. Seemed a reasonably way to offer something without giving away the farm.
If they took it great but now that the Dems refused he’s set up for a big win IF he takes unilateral action on the wall and ramps up deportations. That and getting us out of no win wars in sand-lands should make his reelection much easier (even more so if the rampant voter fraud issue is also dealt with).

First, I did warn, right after Trump’s inauguration, that Javanka would be his thermal exhaust port. It’s rarely a good idea to have family in your inner circle, because the presence of the boss’s family will discourage others from openly criticizing the boss. It’s an especially bad idea when family includes [special person] Jared and cosmopolitan “women leaders of tomorrow” feminist Ivanka.

That Saturday speech had the stink of Javanka all over it.

Second, I have mixed feelings about the CACA-for-Wall deal. Maybe Trump’s a gambler and bet the Dems wouldn’t bite, so he’d come out looking like the reasonable party without giving away the farm on amnesty. (Looks like a good bet). The Dems were not gonna agree to anything short of mass amnesty for a piddly 5 bil. Thecunt2 is too committed to her rabid open borders anti-white base to broach any sort of deal, no matter how favorable to her side, with Trump.

But what if the Dems eventually take the deal? Is it worth it? NOPE. DACA is officially 800,000 ranchero listeners, but the real number is surely triple that, and we’re kidding ourselves if a cave on DACA doesn’t end with a mass amnesty for every last avocado picker. I think Trump should have offered universal medicare in exchange for full wall funding instead; that would’ve been the winning political move for him. He could tie a huge wealth tax on billionaires directly to funding medicare-for-all, and locked in his base while moving a lot of low info independents and death-by-compassion suburban white women into his camp.

So Trump’s deal is a Pyrrhic victory if the Dems take him up on it. He “wins” according to the logic of his deal-making prowess, but America loses to the logic of the endless swarthswarm.

PS A great thread on the mobility of the elite acting as a wedge between them and the non-elite:

Gauland: When elites were stationary in the same territory as their inferiors they had to consider their opinions, even if reluctantly. Now that they are globally mobile and can shift subject populations around they don’t care.

— Christoph Nahr (@ChrisNahr) January 23, 2019


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