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The Anti-White Hate Machine

You’ve heard this story before, many times, over many years. The plot has hardly changed, though the ending this time may be new and unexpected.

A young White man was targeted by people-of-evil wielding the power of the Anti-White Hate Machine to grind him up and cast him from uptight society. This young White man along with his friends and family were threatened with doxxing, harassment, abuse, death wishes, and blacklisting from academia and future employment in a public shaming campaign so intense it would border on cruel and unusual punishment, all for the crime of….

…smirking at a professional political activist American Indian who got in his face and angrily beat a drum.

How dare you, young man, how ABSOLUTELY DARE YOU not bow and scrape before your POC betters! Defiance?! From a…..from a WHITE MAN????!!! BURN HIM!

The blood libel LLCs kicked into high gear to pass off yet another hate hoax as real news: a heavily edited video made the blue tick rounds purporting to show an “entitled”, “privileged” White man gathering a mob of MAGA Whites and surrounding an innocent elderly Indian to keep him from passing through on his way to lay a wreath at the MLK slab of Maoist brutalism, or something like that.

[Special people] triumphantly gloated. Quisling cucks quivered and quavered on cue. Garment rending, virtue sniveling White shitlibs mounted soap boxes like Jeff Bezos’ paramour mounts affletes. Penis-head losers and bitter femcunt crones vowed to psychologically castrate their sons, brothers, fathers for the sin of supporting Trump and for glancing contact with an unapologetically self-aware Whiteness.

My favorite tweet of butthurt was from Jessica Valenti, she-cunt of the feminist fruit salad ideology who is still pissed off about having to settle for a beta bitch tofu lasagna:

I honestly haven’t stopped thinking about that MAGA kid all day – in part because I think so many of us have been on the receiving end of the face he was making: a smug, untouchable, entitled ‘fuck you’.

— Jessica Valenti (@JessicaValenti) January 19, 2019

That’s Jessica with her hubby, on their wedding day, in a pose that shrieks “I MARRIED A BETA”. Look at her Leaning Out. Look at him leaning in to fill the love void she’s created. He could hardly be more desperate. She could hardly be less enthused. The resentment fuels her hatred of confident White men who smirk their way into good women’s hearts.

PA slips the shiv all the way into Jessica’s flabby hide:

She’s angry because she’ll never have a son like that young man.

The MAGA smirk triggered round the world sent the Fuggernaut into a tailspin of id-bursting rage. It was as if everything they secretly knew to be true — White men are the divine spark in human form, the apex predator when roused to the hunt, the better of me in every way imaginable and the source of my deepest lustful longings and envy — was encapsulated in that Smirklord’s proud defiance.

And after two, three days or years (who can tell anymore?), the bubble of righteous indignation and self-indulgent sanctimony popped with a dolorous and perfunctory pfft.

The truth was not easily suppressed for once. The full video clearly showed a calm, collected, self-confident White man standing his ground as what would later be revealed was a professional Indian activist approached him and began beating a drum inches from the White man’s face in a blatant act of provocation.

Don’t back down, White man.

And now finally —– FINALLY —– White men fight back:

We’re getting new submissions every 30 seconds. Every member of the media who defamed, slandered, and doxxed the #CovingtonBoys on Twitter will be served.

Each and every tweet will be archived and turned over to the students’ legal counsel. pic.twitter.com/nk4DkQ7AmK

— CJ Pearson (@thecjpearson) January 20, 2019

Sue these motherfuckers to hell and back.

Our numbers are growing, our spirit is awakening.

Dear Covington Catholic students,

I’d like to invite You to the Polish Parliament

After watching this video, I Am now standing up for these wrongfully accused young men and all of You!


You are very welcome to come and speak out what You believe in!

— Dominik Tarczyński (@D_Tarczynski) January 21, 2019

From a reader,

the most honorable ending to this would be Trump inviting the Covington Catholic boys to the White House. Please write posts/get ball rolling on this.

PS From Bronze Age Pervert, a reminder that for those times doubt about Trump haunts you, to keep your perspective:

Trump is hated as the ANTICHRIST by the worst and most loathsome creatures in the world and possibly in history…for that alone he should have your loyalty https://t.co/eT7IsLfi25

— Bronze Age Pervert (@bronzeagemantis) January 20, 2019

We’re throwing sand into the gears of the Anti-White Hate Machine. Beautiful white sand.


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