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One million man-hating cunts turned out for the inaugural 2017 putrid pussy march.

Two years later, 10,000 man-hating cunts showed up for the 2019 putrid pussy march this past weekend.

The cunts who went to this much smaller cunt march are the triple distilled, oak barrel aged cunts. That’s level 99 cuntery you’re looking at.


A reader,

Let’s also be real, with no money or media from [special people], we’re looking at numbers not [special peopled] up by free wealth and publicity.

But props to the attempt at having real principles on the part of mystery meat loaf.

Hope you learn principles aren’t needed or wanted in the american left.

Broads are lazy. Live by the feelz, fade away when the feelz crash. If you want to know what an incorrigible cunt sounds like, talk to the one cunt who will show up at next year’s roast beef pussy march. That will be one dedicated cunt!


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