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Gum And Heart Disease

Anecdotally, I know a man who’s been on a zero-grain lifestyle for ten years. He says he hasn’t had a single cavity in that time, and hardly any plaque build-up. His dentist appointments are five minutes long, ending with the dentist scratching his head in wonderment at the youthful quality of this man’s oral health.

There is a fairly well-established literature showing an association between gum disease and heart disease. The theory is that bacteria enter through compromised gums and get into the cardiovascular system, causing inflammation and damage to arteries.

However, the causality may be upstream of the bacteria hypothesis. It could instead be the grains directly causing heart disease and gum disease independent of each other.

If so, the left wing fad for a meat-free, grain-heavy diet to “save the earth” might wind up making all of us unhealthier, suffering bleeding gums and seizing hearts.


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