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The Cure For Silly Romantics

A caustically hilarious comment from Doktor Jeep,

Age comes no matter what you do.
It’s what you don’t do that hurts you later.
BTW I have dated women my age, and yeah, that’s the menopausal years. A warning to you young bucks who “don’t care about money”: The worst part about getting older is getting to fuck older women. Unless you have money.
Let me tell you something, when a woman hits menopause, she’s basically a man with girl parts, but SHE WILL STILL SHIT TEST YOU AND BE A DRAMA MONGER JUST OUT OF HABIT.
And that once or twice a month you get laid you’d think someone left a hunk of cheddar under the bed.
Mark my words.

In ranked order of active measures distinguished gentlemen should take to avoid sex with menopausal women:

  • Game (charm can keep men interesting to unwilted roses for a long time)
  • Low carb, lifting, intermittent fasting
  • A blood boy (or occasional bloodletting to reduce iron stores)
  • deliberate efforts to retain a youthful passion for life
  • liquor and prostitutes
  • raiding high Gini coefficient countries for their prime fertility women
  • money

You’ll notice money is last on this list. There’s a good reason. The amount of money (and therefore the years of investment) required to buy the loins and love of a young babe is beyond what most men can realistically achieve. It’s a better ROI to focus on your health, attitude, and access to high end escorts.


Related, advice from Johnny Redux,

And the silly, age-old (lol) question that older women always ask me: “How can you be interested in young(er) women? What do you have in common?” I have to imagine that they are not totally clueless that men want younger women for their better/fresher looks, tighter skin/firmer bodies, more energy, generally better personalities, and (most important) their fertility.

As I have said here a few times, men should not, if possible, marry women their own age. That is what supports the boner-medicine industry. Most men can get erections, it is just that they cannot get them for their old wives or gfs, but aren’t black pilled enough (or feel to guilty) to recognize/acknowledge that truth. Older women simply have very little, to no, sexual capital. It has all been spent (in many cases, wasted away). Give these older men a younger woman and….BOINNNNNNG! Feminist society and the pharmaceutical industry instead want to blame the man for his failure to get/maintain an erection, instead of focusing on the object of his attempts. It’s bullshit. Men in their 20’s and thirties should date women 5-10 years younger than them. Men in their 40’s and above should date women at least 10 years younger than them. If marriage is in the forecast, the age difference should be 10 years. You’ll thank me for this advice, if you take it, when you are 40+, when your younger wife still gets you hard.

Finally, I have seen many older women who are beautiful, in their own way, when they have class and a sense of noble pride, but that should not be confused with sexual attraction to them.

Marc has had the scales fall from his eyes,

I been tryin to holt on to the last bit of silly romantic in me, the part that still responds to Pound’s “When the nightingale to his mate/Sings day-long and night-late” and a thousand years of western Alba poetry but years of this site has cured me of most of it and the fact that a cute 6 at best would wear a “nice guys can’t fuck” t shirt in PUBLIC has raped the last bit of that out of me.
No way out but through.

You’re welcome.


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