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Propaganda Works*

A representative from Campus Reform went around asking dummies (aka college students) their opinions of quotes about immigration restriction attributed to President Trump but actually said by prominent Dems like crocodiletears, gaymulatto, and thecunt.

After the conformist suck-ups were told the quotes were actually made by their Dem icons, they laughed that sort of laugh you hear when an amygdala is hijacked by a pulse of cogdis.

From one of the Y1dtube commenters,

America is going this century. Millennials are a disaster.

Where is the lie?

Propaganda works. A generation of pliable NPCs have been brainwashed by nonstop chaimstream media anti-White and anti-Trump propaganda to deny the existence of the sun if Trump says the sun is real. People really can be whipped into a hysterical frenzy of thoughtless mimicry by a hate machine dedicated to dispensing an agenda-driven narrative.

*BUT…propaganda isn’t all-powerful. A people has to have a leak in their code which can be exploited by the propagandists. In the case of browns and blacks, that code vulnerability is their raw tribalism. In the case of shitlib Whites, it’s their pathological need to virtue signal sympathy for nonWhites and to sanctimoniously chide insufficiently prostrate FreeWhites. Whites who are resistant to virtue sniveling are likewise resistant to anti-White agitprop. Hence, Trump’s incredibly stable favorable/unfavorable poll ratings since he glided down that golden escalator.

PS Speaking of relentless propaganda, OF COURSE that clinton lackey, snake in the grass Mueller leaked a manafort-russia hoax tidbit hours before Trump’s big address to the nation.

Fuck these Creep State vermin to hell.


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