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The Romney

Bronze Age Pervert has a brilliantly funny “thesis” explaining the decision by Mitt Romney to shit in Trump’s face just hours before Romney is sworn in for his insufferably long six-year term as Cuck Supremo from the grate state of Utah.

As promised I release a dark secret on New Year’s Eve…the most grotesque plans in motion revealed to me by mole inside Karl Rove office, regarding what he, Huber, the Utah deep state, and establishment GOP is planning …what Romney thinks he has masterminded
strap in…
— Bronze Age Pervert (@bronzeagemantis) January 1, 2019

The Romney poses as a “principled conservative”, but let’s face it, that’s just code word for “do the bidding of Globohomo”.

The Romney has no principles beyond revenge against Trump making a fool of him during the campaign.

This cowardly morcuck would throw America under the bus if it meant gimping Trump’s presidency.

Reminder that The Romney was elected based on the very tribalistic impulses he disingenuously decries — by a horde of Mormons who love their King Mormon.

From a reader, on the “first principles of cuckservatives”:

a simple border wall:
• “too expensive”
• “big government”
• “won’t work”
• “against Our Values”
never-ending war against people who didn’t do anything to us:
• “worthy of infinite dollars”
• “primary government function”
• “will work, given enough centuries”
• “accords with First Principles”

I read that Afghanistan costs Americans $38 billion per year to unsuccessfully pacify that country’s “natural conservatives”. Meanwhile, back home, Trump is about to “cut a deal” with Dems and Romneys to get a cool $5 bil to fund a few miles of fencing in exchange for granting citizenship to millions of invader DACAritos.

A year ago, Trump was angling to swap DACAs for $25 billion in Wall funding.

Forgive me if I fail to appreciate the negotiating genius at work.


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