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You will read the following thinking it a biting satire of Down’s World. And, once again, you will learn never to assume, in this day and age of raging insanity, that the unreal can’t be real.

This is insane! Being in shape is now considered offensive? We are normalizing being sick and it’s truly disturbing pic.twitter.com/Am9BieI0l5

— Dr Shawn Baker ©️ (@SBakerMD) December 31, 2018

The censorship and TOS violation warning come from Facebook.

Excuse me, Faceborg.

No wait, Facecock.

One more try, Fakespeak.

You get the idea.

Look at this Faceschlock warning again. Revel in its malice, soak in its abject nonsense, imbibe its assault on truth and common sense, and TREMBLE at the thought of our future under the rule of propagandists like those at Faceberg.

As CH has prophesied, giving The Fuggernaut an inch would inevitably lead to a mile of Fuggernaughtiness.

When the ugly, defomred, and repulsive are “accepted”, we are only a few short societal hops to their glorification, and finally to the demonization of Truth and Beauty.

The Ugly and Demented can’t rest being merely tolerated. The very existence of universal truths and beauty belies their agitprop, so they must destroy that which mocks them silently but powerfully. It was always going to end this way: Uglies in Power outlawing the true and the beautiful, and gaslighting a world into believing shit is chocolate ice cream and pearls are poison pills.

Objective standards of beauty — as timeless as the cosmos — are now deemed “hate speech”, because “hate speech” has come to mean anything which makes a Fugnut feel bad.

It’s past time to turn back the clock on the encroaching dementia gripping the West.


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