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Birth Of A Meme

Nine days ago, from a slightly larger-than-life CH proprietor,

It would be great if an ambitious meme-maker put together a photo montage of every fence, hedge, gated community, and security check that surrounded the homes of media, academia, and government elites, and then asked why this same courtesy isn’t extended to regular Americans.

Trump REALLY needs to hit the Dems on this angle. He should just tweet out pics of Pelosi’s backyard wall and ask why Dems don’t want the same security and safety privileges for regular Americans. It would be a a nuke on the Dem Party. They will have no response to it.

Today, from President Trump:

Trump, or someone very close to him, reads this blog and its social media subsidiaries.

The Chateau is the place where memes are born and soon after welcomed into the home of the President of the United States of America.


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