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Prelude To Civil War 2

Reader Monday Blue sends along this graphic which is the best indicator yet that America is on a course toward Civil War 2.

The source is from this September 20, 2018 Economist article. M Blue adds,

I’m old enough to vaguely remember 1980… remember Reagan back then thought he was fighting commies… holy shit look how far Left the mainstream Left has gone… the modern Left would be unrecognizable radicals to an average Jimmy Carter Democrat

From 1980 to 2018, the bulk of liberals have moved much farther to the Left, while the bulk of conservatives have only slightly moved rightward (and bunched up more in the middle, suggesting a bunker mentality in the face of an aggressive left-wing that is becoming more intolerant of opposing views).

The time lapse graphic is starker:

Eyeballing these graphs, the distance between the ideological centers of Democrats and Republicans roughly doubled from 1980 to 2018.

Or, our American fellow-feeling roughly halved in that time.

Bad omen.

There was never nonpartisanship or bipartisanship in America during the past 38 years, but the partisan split has gotten wider and deeper, and mostly as a result of the Shitlib Left lurching evermore leftward.

Shitlib America is racing away from Shitlord America.

Shitlord America is solidifying its defiance of Shitlib America.

The battlefront has been clarified.

What’s interesting is that as the Left Wing has become more comfortable as the Far Left Wing, there’s concomitantly been a flattening in the ideological distribution of Democrat candidates in the House primary elections. I suspect this reflects two social phenomena: Dem candidates trailing the leftward lurch of their constituencies, and older White male Dems resisting the far-left POC ascendancy of the Dem Party.

Soon, very soon, there will be No Dem Party for White Men.


Audacious has the tragic, totally preventable numbers behind the Great White Demographic Replacement.

As it turns out, thirteen states have fewer white people living in them today than they did in 1970. We’re not talking in terms of population percentages here–every state except for the Imperial Capital has seen a decline in its white population share over the last half century–we’re talking in terms of absolute numbers of white people.

Another way of putting this is that 100% of the population growth over the last fifty years in New York, Illinois, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, California, Connecticut, Ohio, Michigan, Rhode Island, Iowa, Maryland, and West Virginia has come from non-whites. From 1970 to 2018, California lost 427,000 whites while adding an utterly transformative 20,250,000 non-whites.

The remaining Mexifornia Whites are largely the most cucked of race-cucked Whites, as AE surmises. CA Whites who did not suffer gladly the blowback of Diversitopia skedaddled to other states, leaving behind a rump of libwhites ensconced in their coastal enclaves from where they could painlessly virtue signal while avoiding neighborhoods and schools rapidly filling with the extended families of their peasant serf labor.

I think there’s a second explanation for the inability or unwillingness of CA Whites to adopt a racial consciousness against a dire threat from foreign invasion: Stockholm Syndrome. Lib Whites in comfy, economically gated communities along a coastline that boasts an ideal climate for human habitation don’t want to give up their little elysiums, nor do they want to go the way of White South African farmers who are currently having their lands stolen from them to appease the bantu masses. In a political and cultural sense, CA Whites are kidnapped by a growing and impoverished horde just outside their security checkpoints. These Whites don’t want to anger their captors and risk overthrow, so they pay the Danegeld — in psychological terms, they develop an alliance with their captors — in the hopes of winning their captors’ favor and mercy should the shit really hit the fan.

Until that shit hits the fan, CA libWhites will appease their nonWhite replacements and join them in denouncing and demonizing Whites who retain a racial survival instinct. This would explain why lib Whites have such intense hatred for sane Whites: the latter with their straight talk and refusal to supplicate to the invaders are making life very difficult for the former, who are put into a position, by dint of sharing a racial resemblance with BadWhites, of having to grovel before nonWhites and vociferously insist on the sincerity of their anti-White bona fides.


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