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Ron Unz’s Flimflam

Ron Unz lies a lot in an article about the Alt-Right which he penned last year but reposted yesterday. I think the strawman-per-word ratio in his id-shaped rant is higher than anything I’ve read outside of a feminist tumblrrhea screed.

His main contention is that the “alt-right” are being deplatformed and de-personed because representatives (whoever they are) exaggerate the criminal threat of latino immigration, and the Soylicunt Valley nerdos who have been thrust into the role of Speech Police can’t tolerate the lies.

This is an utter inversion of the reality, which is that the Big Tech Poindexters can’t tolerate the truths which dissident outposts daily level against the corrupt Globohomo worldview and nation-dissolving agenda.

The “alt-right” (really, a constellation of realtalkers who refuse to parrot neolibogisms) is silenced because they write truths that the masturbators of the universe don’t want to read.

Simple as that.

Censorship has historically been used as a tool by the powerful to suppress the views of the powerless who threaten the former’s hold on power. That Unz can’t or won’t grasp this ineluctable fact of no-holds-barred status jockeying between antagonistic groups says a lot about what kind of resentful agenda motivates him.

KenH puts it best, in a reply directly to Flimflam Unz.

Unz: Okay, I guess all my [hispanic crime rate] “numbers & stuff” just make your head spin, so I won’t bother citing them.

LOL. No, it was pretty straightforward stuff as I recall. I just got the whiff of a political agenda that is absent in most of your other work, but I could be wrong.

First, the alt-right are damnable liars but in the case of The Daily Stormer it’s a paragon of truth? I can barely keep up with your ever shifting narrative about the wicked alt-right, but it’s good you have a high opinion of the Stormer. There’s still hope for you.

Breitbart is a civnat site, not alt-right. They do lead their readership to believe that America is awash in Hispanic illegal alien crime while mostly ignoring the high crime rates of blacks which is far worse and much more of a threat than Hispanic crime in many cases.

The available evidence proves that on a per capita basis whites have low crime rates while Hispanics have higher crime rates than whites while blacks have significantly higher crime rates than both whites and Hispanics. This is borne out by the prison statistics which is the only reliable source since local, state and federal authorities conceal data or resort to shell games and often times count Hispanic offenders as white as demonstrated by other posters.

Now if we put some of the data through the Unzian spin cycle along with a sprinkling of Reedian subterfuge we can claim that whites and Hispanics have comparable crime rates and conclude that Hispanics are simply brown skinned Swedes contrary to what some doomsayers on the racialist right say. So let em all in and breed with them since they’re really……us!

Even if, for the sake of argument, you and Fred Reed are correct it wouldn’t matter because whites have a right to exist as whites and exclude whomever they wish from their nations and societies for any reason. Hispanics vote for the anti-white Democrats anywhere from 65% to 72% and polls consistently show majorities of them support bigger government (which means taxing whitey), restrictive gun laws and speech codes. There’s other reasons.

So we are not the same people and it’s most definitely not in our racial interests to have such a large and growing population of Hispanics within our borders.

Well stated.

Crime rates are bracing and all, but it evades the central thesis:


Unz, for reasons which I may explore in a future post, has a chubby for amerinds, or more precisely a chubby for imploring Heritage Americans to sit idly by as they are swarmed by the tens of millions with genetically, socially, culturally, behaviorally, and psychologically alien invaders from the south, and then chiding Woke Whites to shut up and accept it lest they feel the wrath of Cuckersperg, Inc.

His evidence for holding this view? Hispanics have lower crime rates than blacks, and it’s gauche to talk about race.

Yeah, ok. Those are wonderful non sequiturs.

It’s gauche to talk about anything which upsets the reigning orthodoxy, but talk about those things we must if the reigning orthodoxy is malevolent. Politeness never saved a nation from civ-death.

Hispanics have a lower crime rate than blacks. True, and Whites lower still. (Unz’s cooked books say the hispanic crime rate is about 25% higher than the White crime rate; the FBI says it’s about 100% higher. Unz ignores misattribution sample bias and the known generational regression toward higher crime rates among the children of first gen hispanic migrants. So let’s split the difference and say hispanics are roughly 1.6x more likely to commit crime than are White Americans.)


No dissident writer I’ve read has ever claimed hispanic crime is as apocalyptic as black crime.

No dissident writer I’ve read has ever claimed every invader hopping the border was a rapist or murderer or drunk driver.

Sensationalist reporting of hispanic crime isn’t a lie. It’s an attention grabber. Sensationalism may be distasteful and ethically suspect, but it isn’t the same as directly lying about the hispanic crime rate.

California shitlibs are NOT happy with the hispanic invasion, despite Unz’s assertion to the contrary, as evidenced by the alacrity with which those White shitlibs retreat to gated communities and pen themselves off from majority-hispanic enclaves.

Even if the hispanic crime rate were a fraction of the White crime rate, it would still be true that a closed border means at the very least one less criminal act committed in America. “But Whites commit crime too!” isn’t an argument, it’s a vapidity.

Finally, crime is just the technicolor tip of the society-wrecking spear of mass nonwhite migration into America. The disruption of mass amerindian migration extends to lower social trust, more welfare exploitation, less comity, higher housing costs (driven by White flight and the subsequent White fortressing), less competence and productivity (relative to Whites), and, not to be undersold, ruined aesthetics. In short, less of this:

And more of this:

So to Unz I say, I think we’ve had more than six decades of evading stone cold truths, and now it’s time to give truth a chance. The alternatives — appeals to class (that don’t work in a multiracial pressure cooker) and polite economic arguments — haven’t done a damn thing to reverse America’s collision course with Diversitopia.

We need a full scale, shock and awe attack on Globohomoism.

That means hitting the tikkun olam universalist religion from all angles, economic, classist, social, environmental, and racial.

The salvageable slender reed of Unz’s tirade against his fantasy of the alt-right, such as it is, is that race should be forbidden from pragmatic political discourse about border policy because it turns off too many normies (and reading between the lines, it offends Unz’s sensibilities). If we don’t want to have our speech silenced, we should stop talking about subjects which anger the censors.

That’s Unzianism, in a nutless-shell.

I have a less cowardly view. The censors should be defied and punished, their houses of anti-American heresy razed and replaced with services that actually benefit native stock Americans and uphold the letter and the spirit of the First Amendment.

To give that slender reed its due, pragmatically I can see the need in the present time (when an enemy media controls the horizontal and the vertical) for camera-ready politicians to couch race-based arguments in thinly-veiled class-based rhetoric, but this says nothing about policing free-thinking outposts of dissidence. The former does not necessitate the latter. These proposals aren’t mutually exclusive. The “realtalk-right” should continue telling it like it is, and Unz-sponsored candidates for office can avoid racial truths while pursuing policies that essentially abide those racial truths.

If this is what Unz argues, then he should say so without resorting to unmerited attacks against his perceived dissident competitors enemies. Otherwise, readers will rightfully suspect him of ulterior motives, (such as suspicions which include cynically interpreting his “American Pravda” series as a plausibly deniable shield against valid accusations of anti-gentilism).

If, on the other hand, Unz nurses a deep-seated bitterness about living as a minority in this country, and has some kind of primal compulsion to visit that bitterness on the majority by reducing them to a minority in their own country, then nothing I write here will resonate with him, and we should thank him for giving Steve Sailer and Audacious Epigone a platform, and no more. TBH, that would be enough to recommend Unz.

In the meantime, contra Unz’s concern trolling, Whites will no longer be the witches. The Narrative will die and be replaced by a new, more truthful narrative.

Since we’re on the subject, CH once again will clarify its stance on the National Question:

All illegals and their anchor babbies should be deported.

The Wall should be built to prevent future waves of foreign invasion.

Birthright citizenship should be ended.

There should be a 60 year immigration moratorium, followed by (if wanted) immigration quotas that favor NW Euro countries.

The White Christian population should be restored to 80%+ of the total US pop.

If the latter is impossible, America should — correction, WILL — in time separate into distinct ethny- and race-based geopolitical entities. It is inevitable.


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