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If you think women aren’t capable of scamming a system already designed to favor their interests against the interests of men, you haven’t been paying attention.

Nothing quite says “upholding the spirit of child support law” like an evil, diseased cunt sport fucking five different random men in one month and trying to ensnare one of them in eighteen years of indentured financial servitude to the bastard issue of a gotcha pregnancy.

And instead using the child support winnings to buy herself new lingerie to impress the next five lovers while her kid scrapes by on a soda diet paid for with food stamps, and huffs paint behind the Piggly Wiggly before his 14th birthday.


DEUSVULT puts it more succinctly,

Translation: “I’m a whore. Who do I sue?”

There’s a reason why healthy, confident, rising societies keep checks on female sexuality, and why failing societies are marked by female libertinism and indulgence of female whims.

These kinds of women aren’t made; they’re released from guardianship.

You don’t have to “make” girls into materialistic, exploitative, amoral whores. It’s the natural state of femaleness. All you have to do is remove social constraints on female sexuality and let nature take its course.

The child support system was built upon over the decades, starting from a worthy premise — to protect children who are victimized by divorce during a time when most women were SAHMs — and morphing into a man-hating resource extraction racket for despicable whores to have their alpha fux and get beta bux to foot the bill for the exploding single mommery if there’s no alpha around to pay.

What man in his right mind would sign up for that? What man with a shred of dignity would willingly and happily support a rotten system that rewarded and incentivized dysfunctional female behavior while maximally punishing men for the briefest and most trivial of courtship transgressions?

No man would. Only psychological eunuchs cheerlead for such a system. In the end, what men won’t tolerate will fail to survive. The majority of men will not tolerate the status quo, and so one day, soon enough, this gynarcho-tyranny will crumble to dust.


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