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Today’s Game tip comes courtesy of reader SiluetteSign. In my educated opinion, it has potential.

What does a girl’s face look like when she is soaking wet with Gina tingles?

Here is a quick way to find out how.

First try and irritate the girl. Ways of eliciting shit tests have been discussed extensively in the betasphere so I won’t discuss them here. Of course when she is irritated she will hopefully shout at you or raise her tone of voice. At which point in the ultimate state of ZFG zen you look her and calmly assert yourself : “don’t shout at me”. Then you can give her a towel to dry herself.

That’s the face of Gina tingles. She doesn’t even have to shout at you. You can just make her think she did. Use with caution.

Lately, I’ve noticed an increase in girls shit testing men on their appearance. It used to be girls preferred shit tests that targeted an insolent beta male’s social status, his sexual desperation, or the way he carries himself. (For example: “Are you always such a dork?”, “Take a picture, it’ll last longer!”, etc)

But something changed in the ginegeist; now girls are going for the attempted killshot shit test by insulting a man’s appearance or looks. I think this has to do with the masculinization of American women (feminine women abjure crass insults) as well as a general tenor of rancor and bitterness between the sexes that has developed as a by-product of trending anti-socialization.

That is, men and women are spending too much time away from each other with their romance substitutes (porn, vidja, social media, cats, yoga, purple saguaros), and not enough time flirting and understanding what makes each sex tick. PoundMeToo is only exacerbating the division.

This retreat from the flirting field and ignorance of the opposite sex’s specific desires and needs has led to a pandemic of battlecunts psychologically projecting onto men the pain the women would feel from suffering an insult to their looks. Women now believe, mistakenly, that men are as shattered by a slur against their appearance as women would be, so women have adopted the looks-based shit test as their go-to ice breaker-slash-alpha male filter.

It’s not a flattering look on women.

Furthermore, the killshot shit test (or killshit test) is what one would predict to increase in frequency of use among women living in an alpha male dead zone. Where women are surrounded by supplicating soyboys (soyplicants), women are more resentful, and therefore less interested in cultivating the finer courtship tactics of the demure lady.

These women just want to see beta blood flow.

This is why SiluetteSign’s shit test buster has so much potential, especially when used against girls who go straight for the looks insult with the purpose of instantly causing the man to slink away tail between legs or to lash out impotently.

“Don’t shout at me” deftly defuses a killshot shit test. One, it doesn’t bother addressing the substance of the girl’s slanderous attack. It’s as if her insult didn’t register with you, and all you took away from it is that she was screeching like a banshee.

Two, it takes what could be a devastating disqualification and flips the shit, so that she now has to defend herself from a less coarse yet more deeply cutting insult which implies she is unfeminine and low class. You know which kind of women shout a lot? Yeah, your garden variety SWPL chick does not want to be associated with that crowd.

The worst response a man could do would be to defend himself against the insult to his appearance. You will never logically arouse a woman, and that goes double for entreaties which attempt to sell your looks to her.

I’ll tell you a related convo I had recently with a girl:

BATTLECUNT: “That [X] makes you look [bad thing] and [badder thing].”

SLAYER OF BATTLECUNTS: “Oh wow, [bad thing] AND [badder thing]? Flattery will get you everywhere. But next time say it, don’t spray it.”

Own the girl’s insult, turn the tables on the girl, redirect the convo to your liking.

These are the fundamental rules for courtship in 21st Century Post-America.


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