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From PA, a series of haikus that could be a new genre called Bye-kus.

Bush 41 is dead.

My presidential haikus:

Failed his term. Equipped
not, to wrestle the beast. Then,
loathed America.

California pride,
grandeur, rushing time, Hinckley.
Bye, California

Bush 41
Never honored his
word. WASP aristocracy
old blood gone occult.

Lucifer’s capo.
Butterball concupiscence.
Butcher of children.

Bush 43
Simian grin. Wrong way
after 9/11. Lives
and limbs thrown away.

Not American.
A Chicago wallflower.
Not a President.

Imbecile traitors,
five is enough. So enters
the God-Emperor

Who will be the next haiku subject? I’ve come to the (possibly premature) conclusion that Trump’s greatest accomplishment will have been getting elected. If nothing else, he opened a portal to a demonic ruling class and let everyone see the nature of the enemy, and gave decent Americans a path forward to victory. Trump gave us a chance.


MPC Status Updates:

As a final fuck you to the Bushes the Republican Party should form a paramilitary-wing and call it the Republican Guard

Bush 41)


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