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The Mueller Method

In case you didn’t already know that Robert Mueller is a zero integrity, dirty-dealing fixer for the Deep State, here is a great thread to remind you of Mueller’s history mocking the spirit and the letter of the law.

The Mueller method: Mueller, when in Rosenstein’s role, covered up BCCI scandal ($ laundering, arms-running, political-buy-offs), to extent of interfering with grand jury and foreign intelligence agencies to keep scandal from implicating #DeepState allies. https://t.co/xtQyTC2bv0

— Robert Barnes (@Barnes_Law) December 16, 2017

The Mueller method: one the worst scandals in FBI history involved framing innocent men to cover for the crimes of politically connected Boston mobster Whitey Bulger. Guess who led the US attorney’s office to protect Bulger and frame innocent men? Mueller.

The Mueller method: right after 9/11, a small set of our own government snuck connected Saudis out of the country to escape interrogation or possible arrest. The law enforcement leader of that Saudi escape effort? Mueller.

The Mueller method: right after the Waco debacle in which an FBI raid led to the deaths of many children, a key Justice Department official advised federal law enforcement to go easy on the agents who caused the deaths of kids. That official? Mueller.

The Mueller method: after the Panama invasion, the US wanted to prosecute Noriega, but cover up the US role in Noriega’s rise to power, and ties to CIA drug-running. The prosecutor got the judge to cover up the evidence. Who led the prosecution? Mueller.

The Mueller method: in pushing for war in Iraq, the Bush administration needed high ranking domestic law enforcement to vouch for “WMDs in Iraq.” Who did they turn to to lie to Congress? Mueller.

The Mueller method. HSBC continued the BCCI ways as the #DeepState bank (money launderer for illegal arms trade, war profiteering, dictator skimming, political bribery, and sex-trade slavers too). Who was the FBI man that made it go away quietly? Mueller.

Isn’t it amazing how the corruption scandals of the 1980s, 1990s, 2000s, regardless of party, were covered up so effectively? Then, Obama-era: Fast & Furious; IRS targeting; Clinton Foundation. All swept under the rug. FBI decision maker for each? Mueller.

Prosecutorial overreach seems like too tame a term to describe Mueller’s malice.

As I’ve been saying for a while, 4D chess guys who thought Mueller was a secret MAGA asset were out to lunch. Mueller is and has always been a Bush stooge, a Clinton lackey, and later an Obama cleaner. He’s a garbage human whose resumé may as well say “Deep State pit bull”, and the only reason the ruling class gushes about his “honor” and “integrity” is because he’s saved their asses from a richly deserved justice over and over. He’s one of them.

GuardAmerican comments,

Pulling A ‘Mueller’

Is this a thing? It seems like it should be.

Cuz Special Counsel Mueller’s tactics are to question innocents about non-crimes, and then charge them with false statements under 18 U.S. Code § 1001 if they imprecisely remember perfectly legal things they did, said, or wrote.

And when their recollections of such things are in any way contradicted by some other testimony, likely also coerced.

The Excruciationator adds,

What was the old Loki quote? Something like: ‘Mueller’s tactics have always been the same: giving immunity to people who don’t deserve it, suborning perjury via plea bargain and leak threats, and often outright paying for testimony…’

The only “victory” Mueller can possibly get from this Russia Hoax/Spygate scandal is Fake Prosecution on a cheesy process crime such as obstruction or a perjury trap, or on a shit tier misdemeanor like campaign finance law which gaymulatto violated but the media deemed unworthy to report. Of course, a Mueller “victory” is a Heritage America defeat, so we should be taking his sedition seriously.

On the topic of gaymulatto’s campaign finance violations, J.R. writes,

Obama purposefully turned off credit card verification on his campaign website so foreigners could donate to him when he campaigned in Europe in 2008. They encouraged foreigners to donate and lie about which country they lived in.

Eight years of that Subverter-in-Chief and all we have to show for it are negrolatrous encomiums to his awesomeness. When history is returned to serious men, it will record that the greatest danger to a nation is a media industrial complex wholly in the tank to one party and one ideology, and under the rule and guidance of one small, nepotistic tribe.


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