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Remove Boot, Break Narrative

A great comment from Davy Holmes, on why creating a parallel information network that competes with Globohomo is so difficult, and on why Trump is hated so much by the elite (answer: he exposed their cowardice).

Wealth for the last hundred years or so must not only be earned, it must be given. As we have seen, time and time again, it will only be allowed to flow into the coffers of those who have been deemed sufficiently submissive or controlled. As an excellent example, look at Trump.

He supported liberal policies, he gave millions of dollars to the democratic machine, he married his daughter off to the son of one of the most filthy [special people] you can find on the east coast, and he has been a constant and vocal supporter of blacks, here in America.

He was, in a word, bought. The problem with Trump – for them – is that he didn’t stay bought.

There have been more than a few others who attempted to buck the yoke, one way or the other, and wound up recanting. I think of Rand Paul, who refused to clap during the visit from NetanYAHOO during the Obama years – and then spent the next three months on an apology tour of Israel. Or Winston Churchill who warned the entire nation against getting involved in World War II, only to plunge headlong into it when exterior pressure was brought to bear.

Men with money in today’s world – and I mean BIG money – are too invested in the machine to buck the system, and even if they did, it wouldn’t do them any good.

There have been a number of alternative platforms that have been started, and were viable alternatives. Guess what happened to them. They were defunded, banks pulled out of the deal, VISA and MC refused to work with them at all, contracts were illegally broken, and the courts refused to give satisfaction – the list goes on and on and on. In a nation that held the rule of law to be paramount, these kind of things wouldn’t be possible, but we haven’t lived in that nation for a VERY long time, if ever. In the nation we live in, laws are only sticks used to cudgel a very specific group of the masses back into submission, and are easily and readily broken whenever the opportunity arises.

I’ve spoken a lot about going after certain people legally, although perhaps not here. Yes, I think we should do that, but not because I think it’s going to do any good. I think we should do that so that the ‘normies’ who are left can continue to be given concrete, substantive proof that there are no – and I mean NO – viable alternatives to what is coming. That, and to simply irritate the [SP]MC’s ([Special People] in My Country). They really don’t like it when you question their authority.

[Special People], clawing for power: “Question authority!”
[Special People], in power: “Don’t question authority!”

There won’t be any alternative platforms, not real ones. They won’t allow it. As soon as there IS a platform that could truly challenge their ability to control the flow of information, it WILL be shut down. Or probably something sneakier, like ensuring that users searching for the platform are redirected to a different, more sinister, site. The SPMC’s, after all, don’t particularly care for confrontation. With the exception of when God has clearly stated that He was on their side, they’ve lost.

Somehow, I don’t think He’s got their back on this one.

The theme of Davy’s comment dovetails with a snipe by commenter BRUH, who works for the benefit of masters s/he may have no conception of but masters whose skypistry is mirrored in BRUH’s words,


Nah just righteous anger. I don’t envy my lessers. The truth is pretty much the opposite of BRUH’s hackneyed drive-bys. I have it on good authority that leftoids and cucks employed by these illicitly-funded rags read this humble blog and seethe with envy at the talent and insight and freedom of thought expressed here FOR FREE that they can’t muster WITH BILLIONS THROWN AT THEM. That’s gotta sting.


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