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Open Borders: An Analogy

Minnesotans are among the most cucked Whites in America. They could use the lesson of this open borders analogy from Wilkey.

With open borders the numbers essentially become unimportant. What would the USA be like with open borders? Well, move to northern Minnesota and, on the coldest, windiest day of the year prop all your doors open. While you’re at it open up all the windows, too. Feel free to crank up the heating system to max and throw a couple dozen logs on the fire. Your heating bill will skyrocket, but I wouldn’t worry too much about it, because you’re going to freeze to death soon, anyway.

That’s the United States with open borders. People will keep coming until eventually it’s so bad that life here isn’t much better than life in the worst country on the planet. Our “heating system” – i.e., our government and (more importantly) our other forms of social capital, won’t be able to keep up, and their costs will go through the roof. But that’s ok, because the nation would soon be dead, anyway.

How many invaders would come to the US if they could? As many as can be stuffed in our homeland until we resemble their homelands. Then they’ll stop coming, because what would be the point? Gibs Heaven is gone.

It’s Open Borders in perpetuity until the cost of travel for the invaders exceeds the benefits of America’s largesse.


Comment by God is Laughing,

Immigrants are scabs, our borders are picket lines, and the elites are management.

The irony is that our union dollars go to breaking labor’s back.

Reality is it’s own analogy.


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