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Answer: Left-wing billionaires.

How does Fatty Matty Yglesias, who writes uninteresting Oy-lerplate for Vox, the world’s foremost site of punchable shitlib faces, afford a $1.2 million condo in the Whitest part of DC?

For that matter, how does Steve Inskeep, leftism regurgitator for Non-Player Radio, make over $300K per year? At a nonprofit?

Who is paying the bloated salaries of all these trite leftist dorkwads and keeping their vanity projects afloat? The free market?

HAHAHA Shenanigans incoming…

P.S. Vox is accused of being funneled money by YouTube* to make “educational videos” to the tune of about $20 million. Propaganda outfits like Vox are kept in business despite not being profitable by billionaire and corporate fake investments and payments for services rendered. A bit like Mike from Better Call Saul getting laundered money through a fake job.

I’d be smugging, too, with that firehose of money coming from rich left-wing patrons at the helm of social media companies.

It’s a vast interwoven network of media shitlibs, tech shitlibs, and soros shitlibs surreptitiously passing big bucks between them to sustain an enormous universe of leftoid equalism anti-White propaganda.

The point of this exercise has nothing to do with the free market and giving the people what they want, and everything to do with ignoring the bottom line to blast nonstop “browning of America” agitprop to any ear and eye in striking distance.

Are there any filthy rich right-wing nationalists in America? If so, what the fuck are you doing with your money while America burns? Blowing it on your sportscuck hobby and exotic buttplug collection? Here’s a thought: how about instead you help fund parallel Maul-Right media, entertainment, and payment processor outlets that can compete with The Well-Financed Fuggernaut of the Tactical Left. Bonus: It’d probably be a profitable venture on its own, unlike Voxlet.com. All you’d need to get such a venture off the ground and running is a refusal to cuck out and apologize to the wad mob for your writers’ heretical ideas.

If there aren’t filthy rich uncucked right-wingers, then I suppose we can safely conclude greedy fat cats and robber barons are members in good standing of the Democrat Party. Dems: The party of rapacious Big Brother Ingsoc CEOs.

PS A free-thinking, bold reporter could really cut his teeth on a thorough exposé of the illicit streams of money that go to prop up left-wing sites like Vox, Bezos Post, and National Review.

*Youtube CEO: Susan Wojcicki.

She’s a special person. She takes care of her family.

PPS Heh.


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