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Astute comment from Theodora,

Isn’t Shapiro a NeverTrumper?

Jewish “conservatives” are misleading allies, the same as Black “conservatives”. At some point, when their tribal interests are threatened, they revert to the mean – anti-white animus. Just tell a Jewish tradcon that America should end the billions of dollars in aid to Israel or a Black tradcon that affirmative action should stop and they would freak out and show the Dianne Feinstein or Colin Kaepernick within.

They can be allies of circumstance on particular topics or to attain certain temporary goals, but otherwise their ultimate loyalty is with their tribe.

This is maddeningly true. I can count on one hand the number of jews and blacks who are friendly or at least not antagonistic to nationalist (read: Christian White) interests. Let’s see…

Stephen Miller
Clarence Thomas

Give me a while and I could probably dig up one or two more.

The fact is that vanishingly few blacks or jews are genuinely allied with White European Christendom and its diaspora. I have known quite a few conservative jews (and one or two conservative blacks) who talk a good conservative game on taxes, regulations, Muh Constitution, a strong defense, liberty, rule of law, American dream, etc, but as soon as the topic turns to managing immigration and maintaining a White majority in America it’s OY VEY SHUT IT DOWN and DAS RACISS.

Try it sometime. Have a political discussion with a Benny Shapiro-nik, let it build to a friendly crescendo of mutual agreement, and then drop the implicitly White nationalism bomb.

“We have to close the borders, have an immigration moratorium for a few decades, and then generally favor the immigration of Whites when we gradually reopen the borders.”


Sorry, but that ain’t gonna cut it anymore. The reason I assert there is no conservatism without White Christian nationalism is because White demographic hegemony is necessary to perpetuate the ideals of generic anglo-saxon conservatism, which is a creation of WHITE CHRISTIAN MEN. When White Gentiles lose majority rule, their ideals, values, moral sense, and culture go with them.

There is no Constitutional Conservatism without constitutional Whiteness. It really is as simple as that.


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