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When your wife buys you a @MagicMagid T-shirt and it gets hand delivered by the man himself! pic.twitter.com/0UgmwOV3QA

— Timm Cleasby (@timmcphoto) October 26, 2018

Magid Magid, for those just arriving, is the newly elected lord mayor of Sheffield, England. He is idiocracy personified, and serves as a totem to self-abasing cucked Whites who stupidly cheer on the destruction of their homelands and, now, proudly wear Magid’s retailed raiments.

I don’t know which group I hate more. The ingrate invaders. The smug virtue signalers. The slavish cucks. The snarky soyboys. The seditious globalists. The perfidious special people. The screechy pussyhatters.

I’ll put the question to you readers. Which group do you hate most?

Introducing the Chateau’s inaugural Primary Hate Poll:


PS Happy Talloween!

Note: “Please take 2 pieces”

Lady 1: “I WANT IT ALL”

Lady 2: “No candy, I’M TAKING THE BOWL” pic.twitter.com/3W6wCObeFW

— Barstool Sports (@barstoolsports) November 1, 2018

PPS Parents’ fault.

A 4-year-old girl collapses from exhaustion and refuses to walk any further.
Powerful photo from the caravan by @vanhoutenphoto. pic.twitter.com/lIMjJzH9VB

— ian bremmer (@ianbremmer) October 31, 2018

To: Disingenuous Shitlibs

If you don’t want to fake cry over tired toddlers, blame the parents for taking Soros bucks and forcing their kids to go on a thousand mile trek across Central America.



PPPS One has to marvel that the great deliberative bodies of Western societies and the weighty matters of State have devolved into decisions based on maudlin photos of crying tots posted to social media. This is the logical conclusion of the 19th Amendment and Mass Moshe Migration.


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