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greginaurora wins this weeks COTW with a two-fer:

How to choose.
Guests turned Traitor

All of the groups are behaving exactly how you would expect them to act, excepting the traitors. Traitors always act with deception and lies. The Guests are the biggest problem, as they’re speaking pretty words of guests-good normal-bad.

The real problem is that Normals have chosen to believe the Guests, despite Millenia of evidence that the Guests are liars.


Our special Guests love the Constitution. They love rules. So long as the rules are written down, they know they’ll figure out how to go around them, doing what they want without breaking the rules.

We do our best to follow the spirit of the law. They follow the letter of the law. If the letter of the law isn’t violated, no matter how badly the spirit of the law is violated, then they’ll stand tall and claim they did no wrong.

That’s the difference between racial guilt and racial shame. Our people are motivated internally to do what’s right. Their people are motivated externally to avoid doing wrong. The results are strikingly different.

If they put that much effort into working around the spirit of the Ten Commandments, do you really think they’re going to try and obey the spirit of the Constitution? Even God gave up on them. Why do we still treat them like our equals?

I believe that NW European White Gentiles are nearly alone in the world for having inherited a genetic racial predisposition to a guilt-based, rather than shame-based, moral sense. And all the shame-based races take advantage of that White Gentile character trait when they are within subverting distance.


COTW runner-up is PA with a briskly arresting truth about blacks and their relationship to Whites and Fellow Whites.

Whites have the tendency to idealize blacks as beloved pets such as faithful dogs. Jews have a proclivity for idealizing blacks as their reciprocal. “Everything that they are not” vigor-wise. They also feel a kinship with them as fellow Resources Extraction Algorithm.

The biggest slavering sportscucks I know are Fellow Whites. It almost carries an undertone of vicarious sexuality. I think a part of it too is that FWs can say, “Look at all this previously untapped greatness you racist Gentile goyium stupidly discriminated against”, while conveniently ignoring the unleashed dystopian nightmares that past discriminations had helped to put a lid on.


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