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My goal with these SCIENCE posts is to push shitlibs over the edge. I know how much shitlibs base their worth on scientific validation of their priors, so it’s always funny when I can poison the beta orbiter relationship shitlibs have with SCIENCE by exposing them to real science that discredits their worldview, their glowing self-conception, and their feelings all in one fell swoop.

The latest science AMOG is this study, which found that…

Contrary to popular belief, conservatives’ political attitudes are less consistent with each other and more diverse than those of liberals.

So liberals really are the NPCs that the NPC meme mocks. No wonder they’re so butthurt over it! No one likes to have their underbellies exposed to fang and claw, or to have their carefully steered ship of self dashed violently against the rocks of realtalk.

Republican party activists’ attitudes are less ideologically consistent with each other than are those of Democratic party activists.


Existing literature shows that Republicans in the mass public demonstrate greater ideological inconsistency and value conflict than Democrats. That is, despite a commitment to the conservative label and abstract belief in limited government, Republican identifiers’ substantive policy attitudes are nonetheless divided. Conversely, Democrats, despite registering lower levels of ideological thinking, maintain relatively consistent liberal issue attitudes. Based on theories of coalition formation and elite opinion leadership, we argue that these differences should extend to Democratic and Republican Party activists. Examining surveys of convention delegates from the years 2000 and 2004, we show that Democratic activists’ attitudes are more ideologically constrained than are those of Republican activists. The results support our hypothesis and highlight that some of the inconsistent attitudes evident among mass public party identifiers can be traced to the internal divisions of the major party coalitions themselves.

So, liberals are:

  • more conformist than are conservatives
  • less ideologically diverse than are conservatives
  • more intolerant of different views than are conservatives
  • less open-minded to alternative views than are conservatives
  • more susceptible to groupthink than are conservatives
  • more prone to rigid thinking than are conservatives

You ever get the sense that modren shitliberalism is just a mass exhibition of psychological projection?


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