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It’s all fun and virtue signaling until nonWhite numbers grow dangerously beyond the bounds of a novel minority. From kawaiisis, a lewdly bracing report from the German field that anti-White cucking is beginning to lose its curbside appeal.

Observation from Germany: While the girls are still eager to demonstrate for diversity in the streets, their enthusiasm for brown cock has lessened considerably since the invasion in 2015. It’s almost like the sudden abundance of shitholers has depreciated their value as signalling-pets and economics are real.

In 2014 a majority of women would not have hesitated to couple with a big sambo buck and thereafter signal about it on social media; “His name is Sammy N’Tufo and he’s a prince in Ghana and he’s the love of my life.”

Since 2015 that kind of signalling has come to a hard stop. Sure, there’s still all kind of interracial nonsense going on, but the radio silence about is new. It’s almost as though the girls consider their couplings with the third world low rent and aren’t eager to broadcast them to the world.

Social shaming works!

On the other hand, if you’re a non-soyed white man in Germany, the pickings have never been as good as they’ve been since 2015. I’m 41, not rich, half of my hair has fallen out and the other half is greying, but I carry some muscle and never switchface. Just being white and normal in a 1950s sense is enough to have the pick of pretty & younger ladies these days and specifically since the 2015 invasion.

I notice the same thing about the people around me: There’s a whole new appreciation for white+male+unsoyed.

Bonus points for race hating power level 57 and above: Even the women who hate your politics will have sex with you just out of curiosity.

Be white.
Do not switchface. Ever.
Work out.
Straight posture. Always.

Now you’re a unicorn.

Anyone know the meaning of “switchface”? I’d guess it refers to supplicating to women to earn their approval, ie two-faced.

This is a positive development, but really we all should’ve predicted it. It’s easy to virtue signal (and even put your virtue to the test by mudsharking) when no one has the facts about nonWhite dysfunction and predation, and nonWhites are still a small number of the total population. It’s “edgy” to take on a swarthy lover when everyone else is stuck with their humdrum White beta males who make the country a pleasant place to live, but the allure of it isn’t so clear when the swarths have overrun towns and cities and everyone knows at least one White girl who experienced Diversity in all its bloody vibrancy.

It’s market saturation of downscale products coupled with renewed appreciation for hand-crafted local merchandise. The cheap gadgets that explode in your hand have passed as a fad, and now the White women are scrambling to lock down the increasingly rare and fine-tuned machine known as the White man.

Interesting inferences can be drawn from such changes in the sexual market culture. For instance, as Diversity™ overwhelms European societies and ruins their aesthetics and livability, a sexual market subculture may emerge in which heightened competition by hsmv White women for White men creates a parallel society of the purest blood Whites with self-conscious feelings of racial IDENTITY, something that Whites historically have not much had in their possession. There then could follow a “boiling off” of the less racially cognizant Whites who slip into the diversity effluvia, lost in its murky depths forever. Eventually, small but incredibly self-aware White outposts mark off territories within Europe for their own, and the far future features waves of marauders from these outposts retaking lands of Europe that had been ceded to the invaders.

Did I just script an award-winning Clitflix series?


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