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I seldom use this term, but that video is absolute genius.

The reaction of the Left to the NPC shows that it’s a killshot, which horrifies and outrages them because they know it’s true. They’re like the cockroaches zombified by the (((emerald cockroach wasp))) suddenly being confronted with the stark, brilliant, heartless truth of what’s being done to them. That they’re cooperating willingly with those eating them alive.

On our side, though, they have smashed everything that we value. They’ve degraded our women into the willing whores of vile foreigners and forced us to watch.

They’ve bombarded us with the uttermost degradation humans are capable of until we’re numbed by it.

They’ve defiled every innocence we had, and forced us, violently force-fed us, with their gloating triumphalism over their plan for the destruction of our race, our cultures, our achievements, our languages, our art, our music, our descendants, our memory.

And in so doing, they’ve shaped men on whom none of their barbs can stick. We’ve looked into the grinning face of the darkness they worship, because they’ve compelled us to.

Though I hate to quote the (((movies,))) the Joker’s line sums up what they’ve forged their opponents into:

“You have nothing! Nothing to threaten me with. Nothing to do with all your strength.”

We’ve looked into the ultimate abyss — the threatened erasure of our kind, the blank pit of extinction in which there isn’t even a vicarious continued existence for us in descendants or countrymen.

There’s no label they can throw at us that can unman us. There’s no deed of our world-conquering ancestors that will silence us with shame. We meet their loudest blustering with a laugh and utter defiance, because they have attacked our weaknesses so much that they burned them away.

Hoist the banner and brandish your manifest vengeance, because this comment was a call to revolution. The CH COTW award, precious and desired as it is, hardly compensates.



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