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The Perfidious Shrew

A tale of horror, from giselle,

My son was completely duped by a filipina.. she cleaned, cooked and loved him until she got pregnant and married him within 2 1/2 months. She turned on him and he is devastated after she called the police on him and lied, telling them he beat her up! he had to go to jail – we got him out immediately. however we are having to pay 10k for a good lawyer. She is fast-tracking her way to a green card now b/c she is a victim. She even has a youtube channel, talking about women’s right. (Rosemarie Aventura – comment if you want to, please -be my guest) I’m debating on creating a gofundme for his legal fees because he wants his baby. Much to be said about women all over the world, not just here.

In this age of PoundMeToo and BELIEVE WAHMEN lies about the infallibility and faultlessness of women, you do a good deed to fight against it with stern reminders that women are capable of perfidy the equal of men. In fact, along certain dimensions of moral depravity, women are capable of MUCH WORSE than are men.


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