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The Uniparty, Explained

On the subject of the Globohomo elites “rubbing our noses in Diversity™” agenda, Trevor Goodchild forwarded a screencaptcha from the now-shtetled MPC ‘bate forum which explains the motivation of the Uniparty. (Dox and a $20 will get you in, or you can flash a kippah for restricted access.)

It’s dark, but accurate.

Yeah, I think he overlooked the fact that the coda to his story is the next time Labour finally got power, the mission was to, and I quote, “rub their noses in diversity.” After being punished repeatedly at the polls, Labour came to see the common man as an animal and vowed to rub his nose in shit to get revenge on him for voting incorrectly. And for whatever reason (I’d really like to know), the Conservatives embraced the “rub their noses in diversity” agenda with full-throated approval in the ascent of David Cameron. Labour’s conclusion after getting drubbed by Thatcher wasn’t just “okay, maybe we should give up on outright socialism,” it was, “the British people are beyond redemption and must be abolished.”

I expect our Democrats to do the same thing.

Yes, this is right with regard to the Democrats’ motivation, but it’s wrong in supposing that this is only a Democratic plan and that it hasn’t started yet. The election of a new people in the United States has been underway for some time now.

And this is a thoroughly bi-partisan project–as it is in the United Kingdom–for the same reasons. The Party of Government (Democrats, Labour) gain both client votes and conditions on the ground requiring an ever-increasing role for government, with a concomitant increase in government budgets, manpower, and client public unions, while the Party of Business (Republicans, Conservatives) gain an ever-growing surplus army of the unemployed/unemployable who massively depress labor costs while at the same time sharply increasing the domestic market’s demand without any accompanying fear of labor unrest or organization.

There was a lot of good discussion about the larger motivations behind this move in the United States here not too long ago. While I don’t think I can say it was the consensus view, the leading view was that the massive failure of integrating blacks in the aftermath of the civil rights era—most clearly seen in the unprecedented crime wave this failure caused in the 1970s-mid 1980s—left the then-dominant Blue Tribe with the stark choice of either admitting failure on one of it most treasured ideological positions or resolving the matter by submerging the White character of the United States. If the black people couldn’t be integrated successfully into White America, then the only choice left them was the erasure of White America.

I really believe the biggest stumbling block to national harmony is the White shitlib ego. Shitibs, aka universalists who profess faith in the religion of equalism, can’t ever own up to their Big Ideal — their religion’s core tenet — being founded on a lie, so they’ll burn the nation down before admitting the failure of their belief. If reality works against them, then reality must burn to assuage their egos. If Truth & Beauty belie the shitlib faith, then Lies & Ugliness must supplant them.

This attitude stems from shitlibs priding themselves on their self-perceived smarts. If that goes, they have nothing. No muscles, no charm, no aesthetics, no integrity. If they aren’t as smart as they think, as evidenced by the real world discrediting their ideals, then there’s nothing left to recommend them. They’re just dumb nerds, the lowest of lsmv losers.

Related, anonymous echoes this theme in a comment at Sailer’s blog:

Yeah… somehow I just can’t find myself getting worked up into a real fear of the party of trigger warnings, safe spaces, and p*ssy hats. It’s what comes after, when you ‘useful idiots’ are the first to be sent to the gulags that’s frightening. There’s a reason why you and your ‘allies’ fly into a hysterical fit whenever you’re presented with a hard look at facts and it’s because at the core, you have to deny reality. No matter what happens in the short term, in the long run, Leftism always fails, even when it’s run by steel-toed men with a spine. It would be nice if we as a nation could recognize what a colossal failure it always winds up being; 100 million deaths and many more suffering through starvation, terror and impoverishment across the 20th Century- it probably kinda sucked to be living under it. But I guess there will always be fools who like to shoot holes in the bottom of the boat they’re in, so we all get to suffer from your stupidity. So thanks for that. It may take a village to raise a child but it takes resentment, naivety, and willful delusion for him to become a leftist after the 20th Century.

Leftoid rhetoric is unprincipled by design; it’s constructed to constantly evade facts, twist facts into facsimiles that superficially buttress the leftoid’s beliefs, and project malice onto the bearer of facts to undermine the power of those facts. All of this is necessary to the leftoid because xir knows, deep down inside, that reality is at odds with xir’s conception of it. Sophistry is an ego protection mechanism.

The leftoid ego is immune to a lot of attacks but two: carrying vessel annihilation and mockery.

We’ll do mockery…as long as it works.

PS What’s going on at the MPC Improv? I haven’t checked in since PurimMan instituted a tithe to keep out the riff raff and punslingers. Anyhow, I encourage CH denizens who foolishly think they can trust PedestalMan with their personal info to cough up the dough and visit. The forum is a valuable node of dissident thought.


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