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The Empty Threat

Thousand cock stare. She went cross-eyed from all the shofars pushing her face in.

Let’s hope her threat is a promise. Dodged a shameful garbage hour hookup there. This is what winning feels like.

PS You don’t even have to ask.

PPS a comment by greinaurora that puts the kippah on a pike:

When the [special people] accept that the almighty gave them their chance at redemption and they went with “kill dat sucka”, felt no remorse about it, and rewrote their ancient religion to revolve around hating christians…

… when they really come to terms with the fact that they’re NOT the chosen people…

…they go atheist.

Because narcissists would rather God not exist than stop being the literal center of the universe.

Israeli Jews love President Trump, and I’ve read that they aren’t too keen on the idea of mass migration of American Jews into their homeland. Makes you think.

PPPS A poem, by Hugh Jenniks,

There once was a yenta named Vershbow,
Who hated Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

She said “I won’t fuck”
& She said “I won’t suck”

And everyone just laughed at the stank ho.


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