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Some commenters said the photo I had linked here wasn’t of CBF, so I deleted it. The points made in this post remain in tact, though, because they are universal and separate from any specific case. I changed the post title to reflect this change as well, that this is a post about sex, lies, and Congressional testimony.

The funniest aspect of this charade is that Brett Kavanaugh isn’t even a Chad. He barely brushes up against Chad-dom. But Ballsy-Fraud was such a forgettable dogface back in her wilted salad years, that a sackless wonder like John Scalzi would have seemed like a catch to her.

I’m not being glib. Sexual assault (and rape) are about sex. Not power. As with everything feminists claim, take the complete opposite as closer to the truth. There is real SCIENCE to back this up, too.

Physical power is only the means lsmv male rapists leverage to achieve their ends: sexual relief. This is relevant to Ballsy-Fraud’s looks; a young man who hung out with the cool dudes in high school wouldn’t look at, let alone date, a homely chick like teenage CBF. Nor would he be the rapist type; those cool dude Chads that rile up feminists are already enjoying enough consensual female company that they don’t need to violently wrest it from women.

This is especially true during the high school and college years when young men cling to the highest standards in women.

In real life, actual sex assaulters and rapists are soy-laced weirdos and losers and creeps and scary-looking uruk-hai who target good-looking young women (especially if, like Weinstein, the assaulter has status and power which is attractive to pretty young women and pulls them into his orbit for more convenient assaulting) or at least target women who would normally be way out of their league in a legitimate courtship scenario. That astronomically disproportionate black-on-White FBI rape statistic? Most of those perps wouldn’t get a first glance from their White woman victims in a non-rapey context.

Sex assaulters (less so, rapists) also will target slutty women — ie women who look easy and would put out quickly. Sometimes, this means the assaulter “slums it” with a less attractive but good-to-go girl. Darwinian trade-offs. Sperm is cheap, and can be spread more widely, with less attention to quality control.

These slutgirls signal, often consciously, their sluttiness through skimpy dress or erotic mannerisms. That doesn’t mean the girls are “asking for it”, but they are certainly asking for lots of aggressive male sexual interest. Sluts often invite the sexual “trauma” they insist they try to avoid, and they know it deep down. It’s how they compete against better-looking girls who can get men without acting slutty.

The slut-assaulter dynamic is different in one crucial aspect from sex assaults involving non-slutty women: usually, the interaction starts consensual, but ends nonconsensual, when either the slut has mid-grope second thoughts or the assaulter gets too ornery because his horny level hit the red zone and he becomes careless about how he progresses toward his coital goal.

Most gropers will pull back when the slut puts out a strong, unmistakable signal to stop. That’s why sexual assault in this scenario rarely escalates to real rape (as opposed to regret rape). But if a few minutes of unwelcome groping happens between hookup and second thought, then the slut will feel “used” when she’s had time afterward to stew in her resentment.

This is what I suspect happened to CBF in high school, who was by contemporaneous accounts quite the cock hunter. She had some distasteful slutgirl experiences back then that she slotted Brett Kavanaugh into when operatives in the Deep State needed her to deep-six a Trump nominee.

None of this is to say her current accusation against Kav isn’t a total fabrication. She made it all up, but the creaky foundation supporting her lies may have been remembrances of awkward hookups with random boys, as a braces-wearing high school teen very insecure about her desirability but saddled with the libido of a masculinized woman. Or, recollections of family abuse. And all of the memories muddied by her heavy drinking (which was apparently rampant at these ’80s era prep schools).


A Gabber [name redacted in the interest of post-America survival] has this to say about what was likely Ballsy-Fraud’s underlying motivation to publicly thrash an innocent man with a false grope accusation.

here’s the truth: most women who go around talking about being a “survivor” of rape are lying

and pretty much every college chick who says she was raped but her rapist is still allowed on campus is a liar

she was never raped
she’s just mentally ill

and she’s blaming her mental illness (which often strikes in college) on some imaginary trauma from a boy she fucked

40% of rape accusations made to the police are fake

and the % of fake accusations is even higher for “rapes” that were never reported

some chick who just abstractly claims she was raped at some vague time in high school or college is most likely lying

she’s either mentally ill or just wants the Victim Points she can get by claiming to be a “survivor”

half these chicks are claiming to be “survivors” of awkward one night stands

it’s really not that big of a deal
you really weren’t that traumatized

you sucked a dick and let some guy you barely know fuck you

and now you feel used and gross
because you were used and you are gross

but it’s really not that big of a deal

just stop being a whore
and you’ll feel a lot better

a big part of this is Mental Illness

severe mental illness often strikes in late teens, early 20s — ie, during College

a lot of these chicks are just, sadly, experiencing the start of what will be a  lifelong crippling mental health problem

it’s very sad, but we can’t let them destroy all of society just cause they got a head full of bad wiring

a big part of the insanity of the Left is the de-stigmatization of Mental Illness

also the Internet just allows a lot more ppl to participate in Society

in the past if you were a nutter, pretty much only your family would have to deal with you

but now the Internet lets you infect the rest of the planet

a normal woman will feel bad about her one night stand but not be emotionally crippled by it for the rest of her life

the Walk of Shame is something a lot of chicks do in college

Feminism says we have to totally re-order Society so no one ever feels that Shame

but most women at some point realize, hey, maybe if i stop acting like a Whore, i’ll feel less Ashamed of myself

modern Rape Hysteria has a lot do with Mental Illness

ppl with serious Mental Illness rarely accept that, hey, they just got some bad luck and some loose wires in their head – they want an explanation, they want to be able to say, aha!, that’s why i’m crazy

so they go looking for Trauma

and Feminism says, ah, it was that awkward one night stand you had freshmen year

so these girls who are starting to lose control of their minds now have a handy excuse – some guy felt up my boob once at a party

the reality is they were probably always gonna go crazy

if anything, what might have set them off was moving away from home and living around a bunch of strangers in a high stress environment

but it probably woulda happened regardless

Bolded parts are the money shots. Miswired slores go looking for trauma to explain their behavior, never able to admit to themselves that they are the cause — that is, that “society” isn’t to blame — of the psychological problems following them through their lives.

Here’s another slut cold ugly truth — women who got their tits drunkenly groped in high school aren’t traumatized by it. Women have an inbred capacity to absorb some clumsily aggressive male gropings without losing their minds. It’s a resilience evolved from wanting to be near assertive alpha males.

So let’s stop infantilizing women and stripping them of any agency or accountability.

Another reader,

Much more likely daddy molested her as a child, her mind suppressed it to keep her sane, some point, she was in a session with a shrink, or while being trained to be one, and false memories of being groped in high school replaced the real memories of daddy, as excuse why she slept with 64+ guys.

That’s a real possibility, and it could explain why Ford’s immediate family has been notably absent and unwilling to corroborate or defend her. (Today, one family member told reporters that Ballsy-Fraud “threw her best friend [Leyland Keyser] under the bus” when she said Keyser had health issues as the reason Keyser wouldn’t vouch for CBF’s lie. So I wasn’t the only person to notice that psychocunt maneuver in CBF’s testimony.

PS If you want to know why CBF thought she could get away with lying under oath in the course of destroying a good man’s reputation on a national stage, this is your answer:

CBF knew she’d be protected from exposure by the Creep State, Chaimstream Media, and Democortez apparatus. And she is still being protected by them, when she should be tried for perjury and sued for slander.

PPS After “Succubus” Feinstein read the latest FBI report essentially exonerating Kavanaugh, she left the room looking like she had seen a ghost (or Jesus). That’s not depression or resignation; that’s fear. I wonder what was in that report?

PPPS A pithy comment from Aaron that provides historical context:

Read Freud’s seduction theory. Every woman brought up memories of sexual abuse during therapy, and Freud had to abandon his theory because it was improbable that all fathers molest their daughters. We’ve known about this type of neurosis for over 100 years, but feminism has taken over psychology so it is politically incorrect to study the dark side of female sexuality (e.g. sexual masochism makes women wet).

This blog is unafraid to discuss the dark side of female sexuality, which may be why feminists and their soy lackeys rarely muster the will to come here and take on my arguments with anything more than vapid ad hominem.


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