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Physiognomy Is Reliable

If I told you this locker stuffer poindexter with the peter pan smirk…

…is a Dem congressional aide who was recently arrested for doxxing Republican senators from a computer in a radical leftist Dem Senator’s office, and threatening a witness that he’d leak the senators’ children’s health information if the witness blabbed to anyone…

you’d not be shocked.

After all, just look at that phyzz. 9 times out of 10, flappy-wristed, pencil-necked dweebs are self-abasing shitlibs.

Sources familiar with the case tell Fox News Cosko was in Sen. Hassan’s office, where he was caught using a login he was not authorized to use. Cosko earlier was let go by Senator Hassan’s office. A spokesman for Hassan says she “strongly denounces the alleged actions.”

According to Bell’s statement, Cosko is alleged to have been confronted by the staffer and then walked out. Hours later the witness received an email from “[email protected]” saying: “If you tell anyone I will leak it all. Emails signal conversations gmails. Senators children’s health information and socials.”

Such a tough guy, going after kids. What is it with leftoids and their desire to drag children through the mud? Repressed pedophilic feelings?

So how did our Resister hold up at his hearing?

[Jackson] Cosko was dressed in shorts, a t-shirt and tennis shoes and looked uneasy as Magistrate Judge Deborah Robinson detailed the seven charges against him, which carry the possibility of more than 20 years in prison.

Pissing his underoos, I’d say.

Normally, I’d wish prison rape on sniveling child-threatening leftoid scum like Cosko, but it looks like he’d enjoy it.

PS On the healthier side of the male ledger, Trump is turning whole squadrons of GOPe cucks into shitlords before our eyes:

PPS Well this is curious. Jackson Cosko’s daddy owns a big construction company in California and has lots of connections to prominent CA pols (h/t Sarah):

Maybe this explains Chianne Chistein’s look of death after reading the FBI report on Kav?



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