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An excellent body language analysis of Ballsy-Ford can be viewed here (naturally, constitutionally foreign controllers of the information gateways are censoring this video from multiple platforms — but hey, the free market! /sarcasm).

Take home points:

  • her rigid body posture contradicts facial tics that reveal nervousness, strongly suggesting she’s putting on an act
  • constant opening and closing of mouth indicates neurological problems
  • she used “pretty pose” to make herself seem more vulnerable and feminine (again, an act)
  • she glances at committee members (feinstein crew) for guidance on certain questions, as if they pre-fed her specific answers to questions they told her were coming
  • she looked defiant and stressed when the three contradicting witness testimonies were read (“these are my enemies who could expose my lying”)
  • she’s “using emotion to manipulate her testimony”, altering her voice to affect victimhood
  • “this looks like a professor got together with her liberal friends to take down Kavanaugh”

I’m gonna give my verdict right here: Blasey-Ford is a sociopath. She’s lying. Nothing criminal happened to her. And she knows she won’t get called out on her lies, because the Dems, media, BELIEVE WOMEN INC, and cucks will cover for her. She literally has everything to gain — taking a scalp for The Resistance, making a pot load of money through shady GoFundMes and the inevitable book deal — and nothing to lose (unfalsifiable claims are awfully convenient props useful to the garden variety sociopath).

So all that remains is to figure out her motivation(s) for lying under oath. She obviously figures the very low risk of lying is worth the very high reward of attention, cashmoney, and adulation. My hypotheses of her motivations rest on two premises: the disposition of women to fall for shams like Recovered Memory therapy, and the anti-White man hysteria engendered in catladies by the equally psychotic media.

Hypothesis One: She had drunken makeouts with a bunch of boys in high school (likely none of whom were Brett Kavanaugh) and like many emotionally high strung, BPD shitlib women, she nursed a lifelong grudge against the lovers in her past who didn’t give her the fairy tale ending this pathological narcissist thought she deserved. This falls under the rubric of “regret rape”, a term I coined to describe the false accusations made by women who have morning after regrets and will assuage their egos by retconning their sluttiness as victimization.

A female reader reminds that “revenge rape” is also a thing:

Don’t forget “Revenge Rape” for when he doesn’t call or text afterward.

I am acquainted with a few women who meet these criteria. One even got a guy kicked out of college.They hate me because I don’t enable their delusions like their go-girl chorus.

Hypothesis Two: Nothing happened to her in high school. She had a bland dating career, which is the usual fate for plain janes. Instead, she concocted her “sexual assault” story out of whole cloth, a complete fabrication from A to unremembered Z, for the most craven and malicious of reasons: to destroy a man she virulently hated for his politics. Bonus rewards if the destruction of this man protected her connection to an indirect abortion profiteer.

After sullying myself trawling through this sordid spectacle, I have the following thoughts:

I want to see Dems destroyed from this character assassination circus they created.

I want to see Kavanaugh confirmed.

I want to see extremely elderly Ginsburg kick the bucket.

I want to see Trump nominate another BASED WHITE MAN.

I want to see shitlibs try this again.

And then I want to see them fail again and shame themselves in the public eye for generations.

PS Heh. Via Alex,

“The woman who is not pursued sets up the doctrine that pursuit is offensive to her sex, and wants to make it a felony.” – H.L. Mencken

If no woman is pursued, then the lsmv fugs don’t have to feel like romantic losers.


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