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The Demostasi’s goal was to tar Kavanaugh with the “woman problem” brush like they did with Clarence Thomas, at best nuking his nom but realistically intimidating him to vote like a cuck on Poz Wing issues that would come before the Court.

The Satanic Party has likely miscalculated. Judging by Kav’s performance — his righteous anger and the steely shitlord face that seemed to materialize before our eyes and subsume his niceguy cuckface — I believe he would adjudicate like a Chadlord. He didn’t have cuckface when younger, so maybe a vestigial shitlord phyzz still guides his actions, and after that show trial yesterday I bet the shitlord phyzz assumes durable prominence.

If he’s confirmed, he’ll move the Court to the Far Genghis. Sweet sweet vengeance justice is coming. Like Clarence Thomas, no man can go through that hellfire of demonic slander and not come out unchanged. Kavanaugh may have been a niceguy his whole life, but today he wakes up a warrior.

PS As of this posting, Jeff Flake (R-Coward) is calling for an “FBI investigation”, which is the same thing as voting “no” but with plausible deniability, because he is a sackless cuck.

Flake is trash. He hates Trump, who is the alpha chad he could never be, and this is his petty vindictive payback. Kavanaugh is just collateral damage.

Flake shames his sons. Worse, he betrays them.


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