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Gynarcho-Tyranny, Redux

From AntiDem,

Now we get so see the post-credits scene of Fast Times at Ridgemont High where 35 years later that chick you got a little fresh with at a party destroys your career and the reputation you worked a lifetime to build on national television for your family, friends, coworkers, and children to see.

It’s gnarly cuz it’s true.

ps if you’re gonna ride this decline out poolside, make sure you don’t get caught jerking off in the bathroom with a view to the bikini-clad babes. It’ll be used against you when Pussyhat, Inc wants you dead, raped, your kids traumatized, and your family cast to the icy wastelands.

pps Stalinist apparatchiks would have been proud of the remote psychological diagnosis technique Ford used on her political enemies:

Question: Why did everyone you named as witness come out against you? Including your best friend who says she never met Kavanaugh & the party did not happen?

Dr. Ford (literally): “Leland has significant health challenges, and I am happy that she is focusing on herself”

Wow this psychocunt threw her best friend under the bus in the most publicly humiliating way possible. Know who you are dealing with.

ppps a caustic reminder that the four witnesses named by Christine Bludgeoned-Face all deny her allegation. That’s 4-to-1, which in my book reads “YOU LOSE, CATLADY. GOOD DAY TO YOU, LYING BITCH”


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