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Congrats to Angry Gamer and his COTW win, for this thoughtful take on what’s causing the Breaching of the Sexes:

The simple reason why people are having less sex is because people are ALONE less.

Today it’s really rare for high school kids and even college kids to date. They go in a group and “hang out” or some other group activity. And Young men passively accept this situation.

I can’t tell you the number of 20 something men that when I ask “did you take the girl you were chatting up at the party home or somewhere?” They look at me like I’m an alien talking about cow mutilation.

In Asia (Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea) it’s very rare for women to go out with a man. If these women do “hook up” or even marry it’s like after 2 years of being friends and doing things together.

Developed world men are so passive toward women. These Men expect the women to just provide a green light icon at every interaction to proceed. Women are not wired like that. Women don’t want the responsibility of leading the relationship. They want a man to take the lead and move the relationship forward. If a man wishes to be alone and put moves on a woman he has to assert that intention and do it.

Somehow in our equalist society we have lost this very primal fact of human behavior.

Together, but alone, our phones acting as isolation chambers.

Many older post-Wall or Wall-approaching women have the same desires as younger women — to be led by a charming man to romantic abandon — but they don’t have the sexual allure anymore to coax that from men, so they lash out at male figures who flitted in and out of their lives when they were younger, hotter, tighter (and looser), so in their aggrieved spite at the God of Biomechanics they retcon their past sexual experiences that didn’t lead to love and marriage as male predation rather than the sexy male assertiveness it really was and which had stolen their nubile hearts.

PS Related, in the Nature vs Nurture debate, the victor is clear: It’s Nature.

PPS Go long on sexbot futures. Regrettably, sexbots will be doing the job that American women are no longer qualified to do.


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