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The Satanic Smirk

Once you know what to look for, that Satanic leftoid phyzz accosts you every day you check in with the media.

From a few Gabbers,

they both have 1 thing in common, besides being scum bag liars, they are both paid off via crowd funding bullshit. if anyone uses the argument ‘what could CBF possibly get out of this?’ you tell them, how about a million dollars that morons, and most likely democrats, again morons, have put in her go fund me. this is a scam and a farce.


This cannot be stated strongly enough. These crowdfunding sites are open bribe/money laundering institutions for leftists.


Crowdfunding, a secular second collection.

Why do psychotic leftoids smirk so much? (And in particular, why do their smirks looks so fucking deranged?)

I have a theory that it’s a combination of a number of traits that are manifest to pathological extremes in leftoids: Infantilism/arrested adolescence/neoteny/narcissism.

Also, the smirk is a very homophiliac expression which acts like a buffer between the surface emotion and the real authentic psychology underneath. I think these psychos smirk like that because it helps them conceal not only from others, but from themselves, the coal black darkness of their hearts and the malevolence of their motivations. They are lying, to you and to themselves (because the best liars first convince themselves of their honesty), and this creates a painful cognitive dissonance which the smirk helps alleviate by directing all the inner turmoil outward, against their perceived enemies.


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