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Your Daily Text Game

From POTUS Groyper,

Text Asshole Game

(a girl you playing a little hard to get within text, she feeds off of)

Her: some mudane shit that may be implying that you send her some attention to inquire.

You: Was this meant for me?


Her: I’m going to hawaii with some friends in Oct.

You: Was this meant for me?

Her: Yes you ass!

Grammar issues notwithstanding, I think we all get the gist of this pitch perfect asshole Text Game.

So if a girl plays hard to get (they all do, it’s the Prime Pussy Directive) and baits you to lavish attention and earnest flattery on her, try replying “Was this meant for me?” instead.

As you can see from this girl’s indignant response — “Yes you ass!” — it will cause an irresistible efflorescence of labial meadows.

The beauty of the line comes from it working on two female hindbrain levels: it is a mild disqualification of the girl (implying her bait isn’t juicy enough for your prompt attention), and it suggests you, The Cadman, are currently distracted by so many women in your life that this one girl’s manipulative ploy has landed with a thud before your depleted cock.


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