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From a Gabber,

Twitter – 2006

Facebook – 2006

Iphone – 2007


I’d add one more insult to human dignity to that list: Diversity™. It’s all interconnected. The stress of losing own’s homeland and the sense of trust, security, and aesthetic familiarity that goes with it to invading hordes of alien ingrates, plus the stress of having one’s social and sexual status constantly and instantly evaluated on social media platforms as public humiliations are preserved for eternity in digitas, combine to push an increasing number of fragile teenagers to inner peace at any cost.

It’s all so fucking tragic, made worse by the fact that the grievous evils inflicted on our nation were preventable.

PS I’d like to see this graph controlled for race and generational cohort. Is the rising teen suicide rate of the last decade anomalous? Higher than the teen suicide rate of previous generations? And which race is hit hardest? A chart extending back one hundred years would better illuminate if the current trend is a distant early warning or a five alarm fire.


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