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A Prayer For President Trump

From an emailer,

CH: pray for him, our president is besieged by evil forces …

This is the prayer I say for the President every day. I heard some minister at a Trump rally before the election say the bit about 12 legions of angels encamping, and I have used it ever since:

Lord, send twelve legions of angels to encamp about President Trump, to protect him from his enemies, and to thwart their evil plans.

So far it’s working.

I’m not a prayerful man, but when I do pray, it’s to guard and guide MY PRESIDENT. This prayer is short, sweet, and full of MAGA love.

ps not ironic, glib, or sarcastic. I give you this post in the spirit of utmost sincerity.




…and to trigger the yenta within to queef out her last dusty spore.


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