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The Real Resistance

If this photo of President Trump taking on the UN bugpeople doesn’t put hair on your chest, steel in your spine, and white hot pride in your heart, nothing will.

Trump gave a rousing “America First” speech at the UN, to gales of laughter from the assembled.

Naturally, stateside shitlibs (cf, VOX) are giddy that the UN globohomoists laughed at Trump, as if this is a strike against Trump’s character and makes him look bad.

Shitlibs live in a bubble of highly concentrated soysoap. They have lost all touch with reality. Trump comes out looking like a winner to Heritage America for standing up to these sneering UN insects.

The real Resistance is Trump and his Deplorables facing down the combined might of globalists, UN apparatchiks, Chaimstream Media propagandists, academia water boys, Deep State subversives, the Challahwood entertainment cesspool, the entire worldwide bureaucracy of unelected poz dealers, and the crushing power of Big Tech.

And, despite that amassed weaponry pointed at us,




PS Anyone else notice that the Chaimstream Media can’t get through a news story inimical to their egos and narrative lately without inserting their editorial “without any evidence”? I take it as proof that they are on the defensive and scrambling to regain command of their precious Anti-Trump, Anti-White Narrative.


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