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Telegony Is Real (& etc)

That’s Madonna’s grown-up daughter, Lourdes. Who’s her daddy? No one knows.

Check out the linebacker shoulders, wormwaist, and boyhips. And that angular horse face. Poor girl must’ve stewed in a very high T neonatal environment. Sad!

She adds weight to my personal theory that tankgrrl, go-getter accomplished women have the hormonal profiles of men, and pass that on to their kids.

Or, as a reader says, it could be telegony.

noun, a former belief that a sire can influence the characteristics of the progeny of the female parent and subsequent mates.

In other words, poz loads from former lovers linger in the genetic code of children born to a current lover. It’s funny how, like physiognomy, many of these “former” beliefs are eventually (re)confirmed by ¡SCIENCE!, so we’ll see if telegony ends up getting re-validated.

If Telegony Is Real, then you REALLY don’t want to hitch your lineage wagon to a slut; the kids might end up with odd body shapes and unsettlingly creepy faces that flicker with the ghostly visages of jerkboy lovers past.

Madonna, of course, was a notorious cock hopper, so Lourdes likely has the telegonic load of a thousand different sperm sources.

PS LIE: Trump dawdled, Puerto Ricans died
TRUTH: Puerto Rico is a corrupt and incompetent black-brown state that failed its own people.

PPS Newspeak has become Tweetspeak:

I’ll do Brit one better: “Foreign invaders”.

PPPS The Catholic Church doesn’t have a priest problem, it has a homosexual problem.

[Catholic priest] homosexuals [are] overrepresented among the [sex abuse] perpetrators by a rate of 39,000% relative to the broader adult population!

We need a Two Panic Buttons meme where a sweating shitlib has to choose between destroying the Catholic Church and covering up homosexual predation.

PPPPS One of the first female infantry Marines was kicked out for fucking a subordinate. Women in combat military units undermining troop morale and cohesion? Who’da thunk it! (no one but outposts like this blog, apparently)

PPPPPS Any shitlord left on twatter should just keep taunting jack dorsey with updates on his company’s collapsing share price.

PPPPPPS We are subjected to a Mass Gaslighting Campaign by the Deep State-Deep Media Axis of Weasel:

PPPPPPPS “[When speech is shut down] then men know for certain that the time for debate is done.”

PPPPPPPPS Definition of irrelevant: national review cucks arguing that the 1st amendment doesn’t apply to monopolistic tech companies that control the information gateways.

Kevin, you aren’t principled. You’re cowardly. Learn the difference, because it explains everything about you.


banning an increasing number of dissident thinkers from the internet will

a. make them angrier

b. calm them down?

PPPPPPPPPPS If we weren’t neck deep in negrolatry, i’d probably cut back on the dindudeath shivs, but since we are, balance has to be brought back to the force. So you can thank a virtue sniveling anti-white shitlib for the increase in hate. Heh.

PPPPPPPPPPPS How’s the Seth Rich murder investigation going?

And anyone know why the FBI closed down an AZ observatory?

PMS The Dalai Lama says, “Europe belongs to the Europeans”, and that refugees “must return to their homelands and rebuild them”. Questions: When did the Dalai Lama become a spokesman for the Maul-Right, and how quickly will shitlibs disavow their previous love for this man of peace?


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