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GOP will hold the Senate.

House race too close to call. Newly elected reps will be either Fuggernaut Freakazoids from the coasts or pro-Trump Dems.

If the House flips, blame suburban married White women and urban single White women. These dumb traitorous broads can’t resist the siren song of the lying scumbag Fake News media. The ZOGbeat of anti-Trump hysteria is taking its toll on the weaker sex.

As I’ve been saying for a while, our unregulated womenfolk will be the end of our nation. 2018 may seal the deal.


An emailer cheers me up:

If the Ds get the House in 2018, Trump gets to beat the shit out of them for inaction doing nothing for two years, while the Senate continues to appoint his judges.

He retakes the House with pro-Trump candidates in 2020 as part of his landslide reelection.

Don’t get depressed. All great movements have their ups and downs. The disintegration of the idiocy on the Left will be a long painful process, and the assertion of Trumpian values will take many years.

Marathon not sprint!

Stay happy!


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