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If Diversity™ was a strength, it wouldn’t need to be propagandized. Its goodness would be self-evident.

The purpose of propaganda is to get us to believe lies that are exposed by contact with reality.

(propaganda based on truth is called hate speech)


ps from a selection of readers:

Propaganda is government sponsored advertising. When was the last time something from an ad was exactly how they portrayed it?


War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Diversity is strength.


It’s a wrong to believe people won’t believe anything which is obviously false. People believe things that are obviously false all the time. Instead of looking down on the use of propaganda, we need more of our own propaganda because you will never convince the average person with reason nor can you expect the average person to always accept the obvious.


(((They))) are trying to force a meme by repetition. But a meme doesn’t spread organically unless it has an element of truth which resonates with people.

Diversity is the strife of life.

The Diversity agitprop is definitely a top-down phenomenon, which means its power is a mile wide and an inch deep. It won’t take much counter-propaganda to strip it of its artificial allure.


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