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Google Hates You

Goolag is living down to its nickname. Everyone in charge of anything at Google hates you and hates Heritage America. They really do. You’re not imagining their contempt for you and your kind.

Anyone who’s half-aware of the baleful influence of Big Tech doesn’t need videotaped proof of Google’s malevolence, but here it is anyhow: an internal Google video taken right after the November 2016 election which ushered in divine retribution has been leaked to the public (and to *crickets* from the Chaimstream Media). Via:

It’s an astounding display of hubris, and it confirms everyone’s most cynical suspicions about Globohomo.

Breitbart did an excellent job of time-stamping the video and providing a synopsis, but it’s worth your time to watch the whole thing. Really drink it in. Topics discussed include: the creeping fascism of middle America, deploying AI and machine learning for political ends, corporate sedition of the incoming administration, white privilege, and how retarded proles were motivated to vote by “boredom” (excellent theory, Sergey, you’re a real clever mensch).

The hour-long video will be useful during the inevitable tribunals. For a sane and healthy society to return these people must be completely crushed. Their trusts must be ground into a million tiny pieces. And they should be made to answer for their crimes against the American people.

Goolag might have also broken the law by secretly working to help thecunt win the election. /ourTuck/ is on it:

ps duckduckgo. protonmail. firefox brave. stay away from anything google-related. Why would you support scumbags who want to drown you in spiteful H1Bs and dreary peasant labor and immiserate your posterity?

pps antitrust, ag sessions. Stop sitting on your southern gentleman hands.


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