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A pointed comment from Sebastian Hawks, reiterating a common theme here: open borders is the equivalent of foreign influence in our elections, and leftoids are psychologically projecting their own nation-wrecking, democracy-undermining, globalist depredations onto Heritage Americans.

I tend to see this [the JYTimes cuck-anon op-ed] as a psy-ops operation to try to get the Trump regime bogged down with suspicions against everyone in the room. This is just like a CIA disinformation operation we’d run against various 3rd world dictators we were trying to weaken. When the mole is real, we’d never raise such suspicions, and why would someone who is really doing this go to the times and risk outing themselves? On the other hand there have been an awful lot of leaks, someone close in there is an enemy. Of course “The Deep State” is a big, fancy sounding label for a much simpler phenomenon, a certain “Non Heritage America” ethnicity entrenched in our bureaucracy working for their communities radical agenda the plan to final implement due to “foreign influence in our elections” in other words all the 3rd world lowlifes they’ve imported into America over the last couple generations. Real projection with all the accusations against Trump and Russia for “Foreign Interference” at the ballot box vs. their very real machinations with foreigners they imported as a scab electorate.

I’ve been wallowing in some black pills lately, and am coming around to the thought that Trump may be a transitional, rather than transformational, President. My advice to Trump: If he wants to be the latter (and all of us here want that), then he needs to reintroduce Bannonism to his Inner Circle and his Inner Thinking and merge it with Trumpism — the populist policy-making with the Fake News media-demoralizing savvy. But I fear that Trump may have allowed intransigent neocuck Bush operatives into his orbit, and they are sabotaging MAGA.

This booming economy won’t last forever, and when it crashes, if it does so while Trump is President, he will have been positioned by his innumerable enemies in the Globohomo cabal to take the entirety of the blame for it. If he wants a cushion against that possibility, he needs to

  1. build the wall
  2. start throwing employers in jail for hiring foreign invaders
  3. massive anti-trust cases against Big Tech (talk with Bernie about his BEZOS Act, find a compromise solution)
  4. get a healthcare plan out there
  5. consider a debt jubilee for college students
  6. end all student visa programs (they’re a scam, and we have enough smart Americans already)

There’s more, but you get the gist. Trump has no political capital, and his people capital will dwindle if he embraces CoC neoliberal Bushism. Reminder that all these National Cuckview GOPers care about is enriching themselves, enjoying their fruity SWPL lifestyles, and having continued access to the cocktail party circuit. If Trumpism merges with that crowd, he can kiss his 2020 election chances goodbye.


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